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    Kim Weston MGM CD available on eBay

    Does anyone have any knowledge whether this CD is a bootleg or an original? It is difficult to determine from the listing. The price is astronomical. Nothing in the listing leads me to believe it is legitimate, but I really do not know.


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    I think it is a bootleg. If this had been released, I think it would have made a big splash around here.

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    Yes, it's definitely a bootleg, made by the guy from Germany. I would love to see an official expanded edition of this album, done similar to this fake one.

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    Wellll ... the eBay listing is indeed a 'real' cd set, as it exists in a plane of 3 dimensions + sound . It is, of course ... unofficial ... and as I have said previously instead of demonizing someone who has the energy, interest and talent to meet an albeit small public need some enterprising official music executive should enlist his services to create these editions legally. It could be done. But it won't. And most likely no licensed edition of this title will ever exist. Which does no one any good whatsoever!

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    The only person who benefits from a bootleg is the person who stole someone else's labor. You may get the music you want, but no one actually involved with the production of that music benefits. It's theft of an artist's work. I don't like Universal holding back their back catalogue anymore than anyone else, but that doesn't mean this isn't theft. I suppose whatever it takes to justify it has already been written on other threads.
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