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    Anyone remember this special?


    Gladys, Patti, and Dione singing together with a title that pays tribute to the Supremes But I don't think there's Diana Ross, DRATS or Supremes songs in this special.

    Anyone remember this? It's the ultimate team up with stars who are around as of this typing.

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    I remember it very well. Three of my faves on one special. As I recall, it aired on HBO one week. Then Aretha's Showtime special aired the next week.

    I don't recall any Supremes connection. The ladies did perform MY GIRL and I CAN'T HELP MYSELF during a Name That Group medley and Harvey Fuqua can be seen in the audience. But those are the only Motown connections I remember.

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    Absolutely! I wore out my homemade VHS of this. Heaven.

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    I remember the Sisters In The Name Of Love special that Patti, Gladys & Dionne did (first saw it on YouTube a few months ago). Never connected the name of the show to The Supremes but now that IMissFlo mentioned it, it's title is reminiscent of "Stop In The Name Of Love". Anyway, SITNOL is a great show (and essential viewing of fans of Patti, Gladys & Dionne)!
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