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    Delayed Releases for Dame Shirley and the Jones Girls

    Although I would assume that one has nothing to do with the other, I see that the Jones Girls best of collection and the deluxe edition of Dame Shirley's new CD have each been delayed to a January 8th release. However the standard version of Shirley's CD appears to already be out. I am referring of course to US releases in all cases. Maybe everything is already out in the UK.

    I have plenty of new music forthcoming, as discussed in another thread, so I am not especially worried about these delays. In fact I could even see the news in a positive light since I am completely in favor of the CD era continuing as far as possible into 2021. Hopefully this is a sign that the format will stick around a bit longer than some signs have been indicating.

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    You could try to order from Amazon DE where it is in their 3 for 2 sale at the moment.
    I received my copy of the Deluxe SB cd yesterday.
    Not sure if they ship to the USA.

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    Amazon US might get some stock of DSB's new CD earlier than Jan 8th. Amazon Canada showed her album as unavailable after the original release date and they got copies in stock a few days ago. Also, just a heads up that I've been discussing the Deluxe Edition version with other DSB fans and it seems it is not worth paying the extra money for it. It was marketed as coming in deluxe packaging with a bigger booklet full of extra archive material and photos from her career. However, the actual finished product is only coming in a standard jewel case with several extra pages added to the booklet, which apparently is nothing to write home about. As a result, I went ahead and ordered the cheaper standard version. Record labels these days are getting very sneaky with the extreme number of 'special editions' and variations they're releasing of new albums, because they know that they can capitalize on super fans' wallets. They think we will buy anything. It's robbery!


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