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    Quiz...Mike Terry's most significant contribution

    Well, with time on our hands due to lockdown, I'd be very interested to hear tracks with the most significant contribution by Mike Terry. That does not necessarily mean a sax solo: there are many tracks where you can hear him underpinning a track to create a little, potent, work of art. Any faves? I will immediately snaffle "This Old Heart of Mine" by the Isley Brothers but there are so many more...

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    I hesitate to categorically state exactly which tracks do feature Mike Terry...

    But I'd say that's him with the sax riff on 'Something About You', Four Tops.....

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    Baby Don't You Do It Marvin Gaye is an example of where he provided the underpinning, no solo

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    "There's No Stopping Us Now" by the Supremes.

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    Some of the earlier Bari stuff was Beans Bowles, but the patented Motown Bari fills were popularized by Mike Terry, and were as much a part of the "Motown Sound", almost as identifiable as those guitar backbeats...

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    How about "One More Heartache" Marvin Gaye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mowsville View Post
    How about "One More Heartache" Marvin Gaye.
    One of my favourites.

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    'Back In My Arms Again' - Diana Ross & The Supremes...?

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    The boy that's one I hadn't heard before. Definitely at the front of house in that record. How Mike is very seldom recognised as being one of the Funk Brothers I'll never understand

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    Maybe because he left with Jack Ashford around 1966 to pursue other projects....so he broke the ties to the other players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKEW-UK View Post
    The boy that's one I hadn't heard before. Definitely at the front of house in that record. How Mike is very seldom recognised as being one of the Funk Brothers I'll never understand
    Mike Terry, along with several other terrific musicians were an integral part of the Motown Sound... As for Funk Brothers designation...they were the core rhythm section players, while horns, strings, and others, while great contributors were not part of that group...It's almost like asking why the running back or wide receiver was not a member of the Fearsome Foursome Defensive line...In addition, the Funk Brothers (as a trademarked and branded entity) legally consisted of 13 members (living and deceased at that time) mutually agreed to based on the filming of the documentary Standing In The Shadows Of Motown... I'm certain that in honoring that unique group with various achievement awards I participated in not everyone was happy with me, however, it was always based on the legally constituted members that were recognized as such in the film, to the point of being warned by the organizations making these recognitions, that of any claims of membership (beyond the legally constituted 13) who came forth "out of the woodwork", that they would pull the plug on the scheduled honors as had happened in the past, and believe me, I received several calls and inquiries from musicians, family members of living and deceased Motown musicians, and others, claiming that they too should have been recognized for these awards and honors...I had to explain the criteria to be recognized as Funk Brothers, often to really good musicians who made significant contributions to the company and the sound, but who was I to begin adding members to this group???... After one such honor, I began to notice some individuals claiming to be members of the ensemble (one even based on a replica plaque we gave to this person based on a financial contribution from an organization they were involved with), then seeing him mugging before a crowd with his guitar as a local DJ called this guy a Funk Brother and I had to threaten a cease and desist if the video was not taken down (which they did with an apology)...It's gotten to the point that with all the time that has passed, I see musicians claiming to be Funk Brothers, and at this point...those who were recognized for the awards (sadly only two actual surviving Funk Brothers at this point) know who they are, and those who weren't, know who they are...so anyone who wants to claim to be a Funk Brother at this stage can do it if they believe it helps their legacy...The Grammys and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have on record those who were given those honors... Hope that explains why the great Mike Terry was not considered, nor a member of the legal entity as being a "Funk Brother"...
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    Hi Stu, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the Funk Brothers designation in depth. I now understand the rationale and thanks for addressing my question. The esteem and respect you hold for Mike Terry is more than good enough for me; I see in an earlier post your emphatic statement as to how Mike was an important contributor to the classic Motown Sound which sums it up nicely. On a side note I have come to learn how Mike Terry also contributed to records in Philly and produced and played on tracks recorded in a number of geographic locations. A very talented guy.

    I wonder if that is him on The Spinners 'Til Tomorrow Comes'? The horns are so impressive and unforgettable.



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    I add I was lucky enough to see The Funk Brothers perform in London a few years ago when the Standing movie was released. A real treat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKEW-UK View Post
    I add I was lucky enough to see The Funk Brothers perform in London a few years ago when the Standing movie was released. A real treat!
    That Bari sax indeed became the hook on several of those recordings... I too was fortunate to bring groups to a couple of Funk Brothers performances here in Los Angeles during the period following the release of the film and participate in their most deserved honors and I know many of my UK and European friends like yourself got the chance to see those guys on stage with some really good guests artists... It was most unfortunate how it all ended in disputes between former friends, breaking into separate entities touring (and bringing in other musicians to justify billing acts as Funk Brothers), etc...things that I at times found myself in the middle of not by my own choice...Ultimately, it was really some unfortunate management and decision making by inexperienced promoters after the release of the award winning film that set the stage for the ultimate dissolution of the ensemble in regards to touring as a unit and being reasonably paid for their efforts...Sorry it ended that way, but the music will live on for generations to come...
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