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    Amazon US 3 for 2 with Blinky, Supremes Funny Girl, 4 Tops etc

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    I must not be seeing what you are seeing. I looked through all six pages of the selected items (twice even) and did not see anything of Blinky, the Supremes or the Tops. In fact I saw very little music. It appeared to be mostly books.

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    Type Blinky Williams or Diana Ross & the Supremes in the Amazon CDs & Vinyl seach bar and the current Real Gone Music release will show in the top slot. For the Four Tops, the Complete ABC/Dunhill Singles is the 10th entry. But the sale is not exclusive to one label. Happy hunting!

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    OK guys and gals I am a reasonably intelligent person and I have been shopping online longer than some of you have been alive, but this sh** is just not making any sense. First of all, when you click on the link that Jack provided, yes you are taken to a promotion that says 3 for the price of 2. But all that is listed are 300 or so items in a variety of formats, but as I said earlier very few of them are CDs. And most important of all, neither Blinky, the Four Tops or the Supremes are listed among those 300 items. Now when you start out by logging on to the Amazon website, and you search for one of those three artists, yes indeed their releases pop up and yes indeed, it mentions the 3 for 2 sale. It then gives you an alleged link to other items but guess what happens when you click on it??? You are taken right back to that unexciting hodgepodge of 300 items.

    So am I doing something wrong or is this some sort of gimmick? I will be happy to consider purchasing Blinky if I can find two other items I want to go along with it. But trust me, there is NOTHING on that list of 300 that interests me and I do not see any way that you can pick just any old CD and still get the promo. If Amazon will sell me Blinky and perhaps the Carla Thomas and Barbara Lewis collections under these terms, then let's go for it, but I will prefer to remain Blinkyless before I will buy other things I don't want just to get her.

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    I was monkeying around with the Amazon site. I discovered that you can do a search by artist, i. e. Carla Thomas and Barbara Lewis. Unfortunately on Carla Thomas the only item available is the vinyl of Carla and nothing for Barbara Lewis. Blinky is available for $22.99 but of the ones you mentioned that is apparently the only one of the three they have. I am in the same boat as you and need the Blinky so when I get a decent price I will buy it. Another suggestion is that you can type MOTOWN in the search block and there are some other items that might be of interest.

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    Thanks. I tried that and a few Motown things showed up but my problem, and I suspect yours too, is that I pretty much have about all the Motown I could possibly need. But for someone else out there who is still trying to build their Motown collection, that idea might work, because some other things did pop up.

    I thought I had an idea when I typed in "3 for the price of 2 CDs". It appeared to be ready to give me a list of them but I soon discovered that the only things that were showing up were CDs that had either the number 3 or the number 2 in their titles and those had nothing to do with this sale.

    So unless and until there is a separate list of CDs that are available under this promo, I think all anyone can do is try shopping willy nilly and hope to hit upon three items that you might like. As mentioned if Barbara and Carla were part of it that would be great, but no such luck and right now I just don't need anyone else.

    Of course if you are more of a reader than I am, there might items on that list of 300 things that would appeal to you.

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    O.K. Here's how one can do this, that is if one finds 3 eligible cd's one wants to buy. Click on the link provided at the beginning of this thread. Look to the far left listing of Departments. Click on CD & Vinyl. Remaining on the far left, move down to Format & click on CD. This then isolates 120 pages of cd's that are eligible for this promotion. If there is one you wish to purchase, click on 'Add to Cart' . (It does not take you away from the page on which you are) When you have placed 3 eligible selections in your cart, proceed to checkout. In the checkout phase, the lowest priced cd will be deducted before you push 'place your order' and compete your transaction.
    I hope that this helps.

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    Both the Barbara Lewis & Carla Thomas collections from SoulMusic are available on the Amazon website, but are not eligible for the promtion.



    The Barbara Lewis collection is discounted currently.

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    NOW it makes sense!!! Thanks for the clarification and sorry for being such a pain. Of course now my complaint is that 120 pages of CDs is almost too many to look through! But I will give it a whirl. Thanks again.

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    Now that I finally figured this thing out, and thanks again for your help, it looks awesome! I just hope it doesn't expire before I have the chance to finish exploring it. It says Limited Time but I did not see an expiration date anywhere.

    It makes the most sense to me to try and find three items in the $20 and up range, such as Blinky, so as to maximize your savings. If you were to choose one higher price item and two lower ones, I am sure they would only discount the lower priced one. So picking three $20 products and getting them all for $40 sounds like the best deal to me.

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    To help breeze through the selections, there is also an Availability graphic below Format. Clicking on In Stock Only shows what is still available for this sale.

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    Good to know because I think the fine print says that the sale only applies to In Stock items.

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    Well my story has had a happy ending here today and once again I apologize to and thank luckyluckyme for all his (or her) assistance in guiding me through the process. I guess I just had a bald moment or two yesterday and in the final analysis it turned out to be just like so many other things in life.......if you follow the directions things work out fine!

    As for my personal search and ultimate results I could not be happier. After having passed on Blinky in the past due to the cost (translation I am a cheapskate) today I ordered her and five other double CD (or larger) sets for an average cost of less than $13 per set.

    Needless to say, I highly recommend that the rest of you check out this sale if you have not already. Once I figured out how to navigate it (again due to llm's help) I found it be a very well-organized and user friendly site. Things are nicely categorized and cross-referenced and you can search music by artist also.

    For those of you who are into compilations, boxed sets, etc. as I tend to be, you will find a gold mine in this sale. They have a TON of those Gold and Essential Sets that made the rounds a decade or so ago, and also they have most of the more recent Buddah/Columbia Anthology sets. And of course a TON of Motown, which is even its
    own searchable parameter.

    Best of all, some of their prices were already competitive even without the sale. So come on guys.......spend some time this weekend and part with some of that money. Best $76 I ever spent! And guess what? I also won $50 on the lottery today, so the state will be paying for 2/3 of my purchase! So much for that goofy Friday the 13th superstition!!!

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    I'm glad for you. Congratulations. And by the way, I'm a guy.


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