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    Blinky Williams/Lindy Adams - Surprise Party/A Bird In The Hand (1963)!

    While listening to this song off the collection No. 1 Lost Soul & R& B Collection, this VOICE sounded familiar, like really familiar. I did a quick search on Youtube and found this track and one of the comments said that the singer is actually BLINKY WILLIAMS!!! I believe that Blinky would have been 17/18 when this song was released in 1963. I had always thought that Blinky had only recorded gospel music prior to joining Motown in 1968. The track- A Bird in The Hand- is not the same Velvelettes track. Tri-Disc Records appears to have been out of LA, CA. Anyone know more about Lindy Adams?

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    A Bird In The Hand

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    Blinky herself mentions the record & the fact that she was paid $300 for recording it in the booklet for Heart Full Of Soul The Motown Anthology available from Real Gone Music. If you don't have the Anthology, you should get a copy or at least ask Santa for one!

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    And by the way, remove the 'B" from Blinky , change the 'k' to 'd' and voila, Lindy. Why she dropped the 'Willi' and replaced them with 'Ad' is not as easy to process. Perhaps someone connected with the record simply said 'They won't know your name (Sondra Blinky Williams) from Adam and it took.

    Perhaps Blinky herself can clarify if she or someone who is in contact with her sees this.

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    I do in fact have the Anthology. I vaguely remember her mentioning this song in the liner notes but long forgot about it. I w as just excited to hear it and wanted to share it with folks here.

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    Thanks for sharing . It was good to hear them back to back


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