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    TMG633 The Temptations

    I’ve just bought (Loneliness made he realise) It’s you that I need on Gordy. I never knew/realised Don’t send me away was on the flip.
    I used to have the UK Tamla Motown TMG633 release, which had their earlier US single I want a love I can see on the flip. what a pairing.
    It was released UK in December 1967 before the bright sparks in the Motown London office began their inspired run of re-releases/odd but surprising B sides (probably 1969)
    So how did I want a love I can see make its way on to the B side of TMG633?
    Just checked some other innternational releases and they’re all Don’t send me away

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    Often thought the same myself.
    TMG.633 became more valuable years.latet as the NS took to it.
    Great double sider
    Don't send me away ...great too.

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    TMG633 is rare as hen’s teeth, not one copy currently on sale on either Discogs or eBay

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    Sorry just double checked there are 3 on Discogs, the near mint one coming in at 60

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    probably sold mine for about 10 way back when

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    Gladys Knight's a similar tale.
    a reissue of "take me in your arms and love me", was coupled with " no one couldl ove you more"....again NS interest inflated that 45


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