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    Four Tops I Canít Quit Your Love

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    I always thought this was a great recording. Never understood why it didn’t climb the charts.

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    I have always liked this song and also wondered why it didn't chart. In many ways it is like the Supreme's Stoned Love in that it recalls aspects of the mid 60s golden era style.

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    Much prefer Bobby Taylor's version. A Phillybuster for sure. The first version I heard.

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    Like the Bobby Taylor version, but I do feel the LEVI really has it when it comes to the line 'I can't quit your Love' far better than Bobby there and that is such an important part of the song.

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    I heard and bought the Topsí original first, and still prefer it.

    I came across the Bobby Taylor version on Phillybusters, as Mysterysinger possibly did. IMHO itís ok, but I feel that Bobby tries too hard vocally.

    I think that the song itself is good, and I enjoy listening to it, but itís not got that super hit quality. The verse has a sense of urgency that grabs the listener but, instead of building on that urgency, the chorus takes a bit of a dip before the next verse picks up the pace again. This is possibly why the song never really made it big.

    (The original long version of Freda Payneís ďBand Of GoldĒ had a similar flaw. The pace dropped and interest dwindled. The hit version replaced this stop-start style with a relentless beat, and we all know the result.)


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