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    Enrico LaRicca - Bengal Publishing

    Can anyone shed some light on this 45 by Enrico LaRicca on the Ferko label that was published by Bengal Music? I'd also be curious to know more about the publishing arm - was Bengal actually owned by Berry Gordy?

    I do know that the 45 was pressed in 1962 and that Enrico was from Detroit, he also has an album of what seems to also be Italian standards with no relation to Bengal/Berry Gordy/Motown. Seems like a weird record for Berry to be involved in.

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    Yes, Bengal Music was Berry Gordy's first self-owned music publishing company, owned by himself, alone. And yes, that Ferko Record seems to be a Detroit record. It was pressed at RCA, and has the same font and label design used by a prominent printer in Detroit used by RCA's pressing plant in 1958-62.

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    Robb, how do we/you know that Bengal was owned by B.G.? and what is the Bengal output ? I have never found or seen a list of any & all Bengal songs. I found another Bengal 45 on Paula from 1968 by John Fred & His Playboys.
    As regards the pressing I don't think there is any dispute as to it being a Detroit record.

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    Bengal 45 from 1968

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    Bearing in mind the origin of Jobete, Rayber and labels like Philles, who were "Ben" and "Gal"?


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