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    Safechuck Lawsuit Chucked by Judge

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    Is the link dodgy?

    I used it and it sent Safari on my iPad into a loop. Not sure whether or not it left a little something extra on my iPad, either.

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    I hope not; it didn't do anything to mine. But isn't it some crap news site like TMZ, the Daily Mail and the like?

    I'm not sure how many people care about those guys and Michael potentially being a pedophile. No parent should ever have left their kids around him like that - unless of course, their priority was a "golden egg" instead of the kids.

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    Of course courts also exonerated those involved with killing Breonna Taylor, etc. So when it comes to legal decisions ...

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    Im not surprised! Michael Jackson would have died behind bars if he did anything hes been accused of. People need to let this go and let him Rest In Peace.

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    I think these people he was mixed up with are not of genuine good character - they were gold diggers and clingers. But there are way too many stories and claims and buy offs out there for this to all be untrue. Michael had lots of millions of dollars to squander on expensive lawyers. I fear for Michael if there is a real God that disapproved of some of his behaviour because I'm pretty sure there was a pretty unsavoury side to his behaviour. I remember an interview where Diana Ross uncharacteristically slipped and made a comment in a loose moment - some like "I pray that none of what I've heard is true".


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