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    Curious Goings On With Thou Swell In Europe

    I donít know if this is ever been discussed before, but I donít recall ever seeing this and it fascinates me because it seems like such a random song for them to be doing overseas I believe in Italy or Spain, and Diana is so animated which is unusual for her to be without an audience. Sheís learned to play to a camera only beautifully, but in the 60s many of her performances were A little flat without an audience.

    I wonder if the Rogers and Hart album had just been released, or if maybe somehow thou well I was getting some AirPlayI wonder if the Rogers and Hart album had just been released, or if maybe somehow thou swell was getting some AirPlay because the single they were plugging at the time was in and out of love


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    There might be a thread on this one. The girls also did a few other songs at this taping, YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON and REFLECTIONS, among them. But I recall some thinking that the girls seemed rather subdued, perhaps due to the hectic pace of their 1968 European tour.

    Re THOU SWELL, at the time, the Rodgers and Hart album was their latest so they probably wanted to promote it a bit.

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    This seems more like a rehearsal than an actual performance.

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    They may be miming, but what a brilliant vocal performance from Diana on this song. It has everything, style, personality and charisma. It’s performances like this that made her the superstar she became. I remember reading that Berry himself was totally knocked out with the SR&H album. Mary and Flo also did a fine job.
    With plenty of airplay and tv exposure, i really think this song could have been a big hit.


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