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    Concept Nine Featuring Gladys Horton Of The Marvelettes, No Escape

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    Wow!! Incredible...I didn't even know about this single. Looks like it was a one-off release from this group that she led in 1971. Thanks for sharing!

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    I liked the second song the best and it is more recognizable as being her. I had never heard of this project.

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    This was a shock and a half to me. Gladys certainly could have gone farther with the right
    music and musicians. When may been more recognizable as to her vocal styling but I would
    have liked a better arrangement and perhaps different instrumentation but this reminds us
    Wanda didn't have the only set of chops in the group...

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    Without having the information, I would not have recognized the voice as being Gladys, although it is undoubtedly she. It sounds as if her vocal was pitched up a good octave, which was not unheard of.

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    Never knew she recorded songs, so soon, after she left the Marvelettes. It popped up on my youtube and wondered if it had been discussed here on the forum. I like the songs but definitely needed a final polish, a slightly different mix would be better IMO. I think it would have been good for Gladys to concentrate on new projects rather than sticking with the Marvelettes songs and fighting for the use of the name.


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