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    Jimmy Ruffin - Top Ten - Jukebox EP

    Has anyone come across this Jukebox EP by Jimmy Ruffin? 6 tracks taken from his 'Top Ten' LP (Soul 704). If so, is there a cover + jukebox tabs + mini-covers?


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    Is this really a jukebox record?

    Three tracks per side would probably make it too quiet for a jukebox, and a small centre hole would stop it from being loaded into most jukeboxes.

    This looks more like a late 60s equivalent of the UKs mid-70s Philly Freebie, i.e. a promotional disc.

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    There is a series of US Motown jukebox EPs (as well as others on different labels) all similar to this one with a small centre hole used in certain Seeburg jukeboxes. For a history and lists of jukebox EPs in alphabetical order of label: http://www.bsnpubs.com/stereoproject/llps.html Scroll down to the Soul label and there are 4 entries, the last of which is "Jimmy Ruffin: S 60704 - Jimmy Ruffin - Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top Ten [1967]". I just wondered if anyone has the cover, etc as I have not come across the complete package.

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    Although I do not have it in my collection, yes, all of the jukebox EP's were originally issued with the title strips and mini covers that could be inserted into small holders in the jukebox. I have a 1965 AMI jukebox that has the holders for these and it can be programmed to play a 33 rpm record with a small hole.
    The Ruffin issue is not very common.....actually most titles from the series aren't real common IMO, the Supremes issues show up the most out of the "Little LP" series. It's always nice to find them sealed in the original bag with all of the inserts.

    Thanks for the link to the site with the list of the EP's. I knew of the one VIP release for the Abbey Tavern Singers, but I was unware there was the one Chisa release for the Jazz Crusaders....something else to be on the lookout for!

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    I asked about this release a couple of years ago as to which cover was used-sepia or black to no avail.
    I have seen all the covers except Jimmy`s.

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    They are such a fun item to collect. I think I have the Marvelettes greatest hits somewhere in my collection. I know it includes the tabs and the fun jukebox accoutrements.

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    According to the Discogs website, they only list the following:
    S 60701 - Jr. Walker and the All Stars - Shotgun
    S 60702 - Jr Walker and the All Stars - Soul Session
    S 60703 - Jr Walker and the All Stars - Road Runner

    All are described as 7" Jukebox and came with picture sleeves.


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