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    Well the Dionne Live Event is in the Books

    Can't say it was perfect but still worth the 6 bucks. The concert itself was very intimate, as I guess it had to be, and there appeared to be no more than 30 people in the audience. As we have discussed on here, the voice is not what it once was, but she soldiered on.

    She opened with a few Bacharach/David songs, then moved into a Brazilian song or two. She brought out Cheyenne and featured her for a couple of duets and one Cheyenne solo, then closed with What the World Needs and of course That's What Friends are For.

    She seemed to genuinely have fun with the show and spent a lot of time interacting with the band, which included her son David on drums. In fact she gave him a verrrrry lengthy introduction and even mentioned my home town (Waynesboro, VA) because he and some of his cousins attended the local military school here in the 80s and Dionne was known to pop into town on occasion.

    Following the show was a chat session and her other son Damon had his patience stretched to the limit trying to get that up and running. But he finally made it and Dionne, admitting that it was her first time with such technology, warmed up to it and did the best she could to keep up with a rapidly running list of comments and questions. I typed in a few but was never lucky enough for her to answer me.

    A big birthday/Christmas celebration will be planned for her 80th birthday on December 12th and they hinted that there might be another chat session then. They also hinted that the biopic of her life is still planned and that she is working on some "exciting" new music, but they did not indicate what that might be.

    All things considered, a fun evening and she was every bit the trooper we would have expected. I hope I still have her energy at that age!!!

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    Nice to hear that it came off well. I was tempted to sign in but never got around to doing so.

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    A great recap; I'm also glad it went well.

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    I hate it when old stars put their families n the act. It is almost always a drag with gratuitous applause. This includes Ross.


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