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    Breezin' The George Benson story

    Sky arts George Benson Documentary

    Saturday 17 October 6.00pm

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    This one sounds real cool,i'm putting together my personal benson anthology,good stuff snakepit!

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    Hi...I watched it last week, and enjoyed it. I didn't know a lot about him prior to his late 70s stuff but i discovered he was talented in the Jazz field.
    Good Stuff

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    George Benson kinda had a Nat King Cole experience in his career. He became so well known through his singing that a mass part of his fan base forgot, overlooked, ignored
    or simply didn't care how great he was on his chosen instrument. Pissed off a lot of his early fans who saw him as a solid progression after Kenny Burrell, Grant Green and the
    giant Wes Montgomery. George is still working today, celebrating his own heroes, like
    Fats Domino and though I haven't heard it yet, he's reportedly backing Bootsy Collins on
    the Boot's latest release....

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    Thanks for the shout, I've loaded that to be recorded. I was fortunate to catch him live back in the summer of 2017. It was a few weeks after Barry Gibb did Glastonbury. Barry was great but struggled a bit on some of the Saturday Night Fever stuff (expected bearing in mind his age). I thought at the time, I'm off to see George soon and he's a couple of years older. Needn't have worried, he'd still got it in spades. So pleased I got to see him, especially in these latter times of pandemic.

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    He's appeared in my town several times and I've never gone to see him I regret that now.

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    I ran into him going opposite directions on the people-mover at the Charlotte, NC airport some years ago. We made eye contact and he gave me a brotherly nod. Made my year!

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    George giving Bootsy some muscle...


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