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    Kim Weston whereabouts.

    Does anyone know how Kim Weston is doing these days? Is she performing anywhere? You rarely hear any mention of her. I hope she is OK.


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    I don't know her whereabouts (Detroit, possibly?) But I've seen performance clips fairly recently on YouTube.

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    Kim recently celebrated her 80th birthday (December, 2019) at the Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit.

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    I think the video Reese means is the one at Bert's Warehouse or something Motown a Go-Go. The date was October 25 last year. The Velvelettes were there as well I think. She sang Helpless and Take me in your arms and another song. Boy can this, nearly 80 at the time, lady move! Hope she's ok during these grim times.

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    This is as grim as it gets!

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    She’s always been a favorite of mine and it’s great to see her still singing, but it appears she forgot her upper plate!

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    I loved Miss Kim as much as the next guy back in the day, but oh my!!! There is a time when someone has to step in and say "Are you SURE you want to do this?"

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    Kim was good friends with Tammi Terrell. Glad to see her doing so good. God Bless You Kim

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigAl View Post
    Sheís always been a favorite of mine and itís great to see her still singing, but it appears she forgot her upper plate!
    This also seems to be the case in other videos that I have seen of her, going back as far as 10-15 years ago. I suspect it could be related to a health and/or financial constraint. She had taken a fall a few years back and a group of us had donated to an online fundraiser campaign that had been started by her friend, as she needed funds for extra care and rehabilitation. Glad to see that she has physically recovered from that health episode. I have always loved her voice and her recordings. God Bless, Ms. Kim Weston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copley View Post
    This is as grim as it gets!

    Copley I've seen worse at least we know what she is singing and she is 80 - singing live for someone her age must be a real trial -

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    If nothing else, Kim is a real trouper in every sense of the word. You’ll remember about 20 years ago she stayed up all night coaching an infirm Wanda Rogers before Wanda went into Ian Levine’s Motorcity studio to record a handful of tracks. Still, this clip evidences that performing today really does her a disservice. I’m guessing she needs the money. Very sad.

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    The voice is still there, and it's recognisably Kim, but I'm suspecting the acoustics of the venue were the main problem.

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    Iíve seen her live once in a play where she portrayed Billie Holiday. I actually enjoyed this clip. I wouldnít expect her to sound like she did when these songs were released. I love how she moves on stage. I canít front. I do wonder where her teeth are, but I accept the fact that she ainít wearing them. Iíd still check her out in concert.

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    Well, Ms. Kim actually looks healthy and happy, and for the gown and hair I give her 10's across the board. The teeth thing is jarring but it's her decision; Moms Mabley did quite well sans-teeth. The clip reminds me of the blues legends in their later years. The lady is enthusiastic and the audience follows suite so, GO KIM!!


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