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Thread: Dear Marv2

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    Dear Marv2

    Dear Marv2 (aka Marvin Davis),
    It saddened me greatly to learn (https://soulfuldetroit.com/showthrea...Marv-davis-rip) that you passed in early September.

    We didn't always agree. That was ok.

    I didn't always like your tone. That was ok.

    I didn't like your approach to certain topics. That was ok.

    I very much appreciated your insight, knowledge, and attention to details I otherwise would have never known.

    I looked forward to Roberta75's response to just about anything you wrote.

    I once got you to admit that "Baby, It's Me" was a musically good piece from your nemesis. Small victories!

    None of the above matters. You were a knowledgeable and caring individual who deserved respect for what you accomplished.

    I hope you are resting in Peace. I hope you are chatting up Marvin, Flo, and so many others that we have sadly lost.

    Dear Marv2,
    May you Rest in Peace.
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    Oh no! I'm sad to hear this. I rolled my eyes a lot at the stuff he would post but we bonded over living in the Philly area and he posted some great stuff to this forum. Will say a prayer for his soul and hope he is at peace.

    Thanxal that was a very nice post you wrote in memoriam.

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    Well said. I've been a part of this forum (on and off) for the better part of the last twenty years and he's one of a handful of members I could regularly count on for a unique perspective and conviction, whether we always agreed or not. I hope his passing was peaceful and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this time.

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    I am so sorry to hear this. I really enjoyed his knowledge of many of the Motown artists. Especially his posts on The Temptations. My love and condolences to his friends and family.

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    Offering condolences to Marvís friends and family...

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    Rest in Peace Marv and condolences to his family and friends.

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    This really is sad news.. Marv was was such a huge part of the SDF forum that i’m sure he will be missed by many. I may be in the minority, but i actually enjoyed his many posts on Mary Wilson lol. Gone but not forgotten.

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    Very Sad to hear of Marv2 passing, my thoughts are with his family and friends, yes some of his posts and opinions rattled cages, but they seemed to attract similar responses . RIP Marv2

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    I just saw this post. I am very saddened to see this very sad news. I will miss Marv and all of his posts very much. May he Rest in Peace.

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    Very sad news. Rest in Peace Mr. Davis!

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    I had a feeling that something was amiss when you didn't reply to my messages. Condolences to your family & friends. RIP Marv.

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    So sorry to hear this and prayers are going up for his relatives and friends. I hope he didn't suffer. Marv and I did not agree on several things but I am sorry to lose him.

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    I am saddened by this terrible news about Marv. I will miss his comments and his dedication to this wonderful music.Thank you Marv it was a great pleasure to read your posts and react with you.My deepest sympathy to family and friends.

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    wow.. he and I always got along although our take on Ross was light years apart ..sorry to hear this, RIP Marv..

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    I feared this. Was unusual not to see him on here after a minute. We had our differences and sometimes nearly came to blows, that said, when he focused on artists, he was quite brilliant to talk to. Rest in peace, Marv.

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    This is very sad news. We lose a very knowledgeable and passionate person about Motown and the Supremes.
    May he Rest in Peace.

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    Oh no, I'm so shocked and saddened. No one can doubt the depth of his passion for all things Motown and Detroit. I'm gonna miss his amazing contributions to our forum so much. Rest in peace Marv, how we're so gonna miss you

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    So sorry to hear this Sad News, R.I.P. Marv, you were always alright with me.

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    This is horrible news! I'm sorry to learn of Marv's passing. He and I had a very strange relationship in this forum. Things got so bad at one point that we both had each other blocked. There had been comments from other posters that suggested he wasn't always in the best of health, and I figured with the amount of time he spent in this forum, perhaps he was often too ill to go out and enjoy the world and so he found pleasure in the outside world via Soulful Detroit. With that in mind, once we had called a truce, I never allowed Marv's nonsense to go unchecked, but I did try to keep goodwill between us even when disagreeing about those two Supremes. I wasn't always successful at the goodwill. And unfortunately during our last interaction, I used my suspicions about Marv's health as a weapon. Knowing that he would eventually transition in the wake of that argument will forever be my most regrettable moment in this forum. I won't dwell on that last back and forth, though. Instead I'll think about the countless great discussions Marv and I had about subjects not related to the Supremes, but also I guess even some of the great conversations we had about the Supremes. Lets face it, we really only had one point of contention when it came to the group. I'll miss his recollections about what songs and albums were popular when he was younger, and how he heard this song or that song for the first time. He will be missed around here by me. His presence was heavy. His loss will undoubtedly be just as heavy.

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    Marv had an agenda - to continually state that Mary Wilson was a great talent. I don’t know if he really believed it or if he thought it was the most efficient way to dig at Ross and her fans. But, it got old.

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    Why did you make this comment? A long time member of this forum had passed on and instead of showing a little respect and sending your prayers, you had to throw in another jab. Please show a little respect for the dearly departed
    Quote Originally Posted by Circa 1824 View Post
    Marv had an agenda - to continually state that Mary Wilson was a great talent. I don’t know if he really believed it or if he thought it was the most efficient way to dig at Ross and her fans. But, it got old.

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    I must agree with blackguy, circa 1824. Your post was kind of a cheap shot.

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    Our medical health officer is BC is a hero named Dr. Bonnie Henry. She has become world renowned. She constantly tells us that in this time of Covid, we need to treat each other kindly and with respect and that we have to take care around each other.

    We live in very difficult times and in the United States, you live in even more difficult times. And treating each other with kindness and respect is an even more worthy goal there.

    When people pass away, kindness and respect should govern the behaviour of us all.

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    Wise and timely thoughts, Rob. Thank you.

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    Can't we just enjoy the time we have here right now and move on ? None of us are promised tomorrow. Sorry to offend anyone but this is getting old to keep digging at anyone alive or not. Can we just go back to the music.

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