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    Roy C has passed

    So very sorry to learn Roy C has passed. Whilst some may only be aware of Shotgun Wedding, Roy C had a long successful career and delivered both recordings and performances throughout his long career.
    We should recognise the wonderful artists and composers who were fundamental in the creation and development of soul music, they have no successors..... Roy C, George Jackson, Luther Ingram, Jerry William's aka Swamp Dogg, Sam Dees, etc, they are priceless

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    “Impeach the President” has been my jam ever since 45 took the oath of office. That song alone has cemented his musical legacy, having been sampled countless times. Rest Well Roy!

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    His discography: https://www.soulexpress.net/royc_discography.htm

    Best regards

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    RIP, Roy C. Hammond.

    I did not become aware of the stuff he recorded for Mercury Records during the period 1973 to 1978 until twenty years after the fact, but I grew to love it once I heard it. And that 45 he recorded for Smash Records in the 60s under the name Little Frankie, “I Want to Marry You”, still gets played on Sirius XM’s Carolina Shag Radio (currently an internet only channel).

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    Even though I never heard of Mr. Hammond, I thank you for posting his passing as I learned of his work in the music world.


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