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    A Motown Compact Classic

    The Motown Compact Classic CDs - released as part of the 9000 Elite series but many then again (and frequently overlabelled) in the MOTD5xxx series - some also made it to 37463-5xxx-2 series.

    Which one is your favourite?

    Were there more of this type?

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    The Compact Command Performance series 6xxx was one of the first compilations from 1983 and 1984 that was later re-cataloged as part of the 9000 series. This series was my favorites of the compilations, but the mastering was sub-par.

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    I'm up in the air about the mastering, at least by too much. The Marvin Gaye Motown Legends, which is basically the Moods of Marvin Gaye album, sounds incredibly superior to all subsequent masters of the Moods album. At least to my ears. I've never heard that particular album sound so good.

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    A quick reply regarding the poster.
    All of the CDs in the series bearing the A MOTOWN COMPACT CLASSIC design are represented classified by catalog number within the 9000 series.
    Some other CDs are part of the A Motown Compact Classic series as it appears on the cd label or on the front insert of the cd, albeit without the general design of the series.
    Marvinís London Palladium or Pippin cds come to mind

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    That's great thanks for that info jbpintus

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    My favorite Motown Compact Classic CD

    The favorite among my Motown Compact Classic CDs is definitely Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's Greatest Hits album. I've got other versions (confession: I've got fifteen different Marvin and Tammi CDs), including the '2 All Time Great Classic Albums' combo with Diana & Marvin, the European WD72103 version and the Polygram 5308822 version with the re-designed cover (Never noticed? Check out the fonts used on the front!). The Polygram version has been 'Digitally Remastered using 20-Bit Technology', so it loses points for me because it's not how the original recording was meant to sound. And I know that the WD version is absolutely identical, but there's still something special about having the Compact Classic version because it's not just a perfect compilation, it's also a real treasure!

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    Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Greatest Hits - great choice.

    You learn something all the time - never noticed the font difference.

    Will have to look up my Polygram copy because I do love the 20 bit remasters.

    Whilst the European WD72103 features the original UK album cover and Tamla Motown logo, it obviously contains the same tracks as the US "A Motown Compact Classic" release. However, the original UK album also included "Two Can Have A Party" and "California Soul" (two out and out classics). Same thing happened with the Four Tops, Temptations and Martha's Greatest Hits CDs since the UK always seemed to get more tracks on the original albums.

    Yes I know the feeling regarding multiple versions of the CDs. I have the "Complete Duets" and the Japanese mini LP versions of the albums so why do I still need the other CD releases? That's what being a collector does for you.


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