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Thread: Ad Blocking?

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    Ad Blocking?

    Perodically I will get a message on here asking me to turn off my ad blocking. I have no idea what this means and therefore I do not know what to do. I asked another member once and he did not know either.

    To my knowledge I am not doing anything to cause any ad blocking. So if someone can explain to me what this means and what I need to do, I will be happy to see if I can accomplish the goal.

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    When the warning came up, I turned off my ad blocking here, but I still get the warning across the bottom of the screen.

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    The ads are ever present in some form...but for the best way to deal with them.....

    Click... '& have ads removed'...., shown in red in the margin, to the left of this thread.


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Ralph Terrana

Welcome to Soulful Detroit! Kindly Consider Turning Off Your Ad BlockingX
Soulful Detroit is a free service that relies on revenue from ad display [regrettably] and donations. We notice that you are using an ad-blocking program that prevents us from earning revenue during your visit.
Ads are REMOVED for Members who donate to Soulful Detroit. [You must be logged in for ads to disappear]
And have Ads removed.