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    Stereo LPS

    I was wondering if anyone knows when a LP was released back in the 50's/60's in stereo if it always says STEREO on the front cover? Or if only some of them said STEREO on the front?

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    I can't give you a conclusive answer since my first stereo purchase was in 1965 with Temptations Sing Smokey. Motown labeled the albums as stereo, even with remasters of earlier albums. I do remember seeing Columbia, Capitol, and Mercury albums (issued about 1960) with "Stereo" and "Stereophonic" on the jackets. I'm not sure if these were original pressings or remastered albums.

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    They nearly always did. It was both a marketing point and a rationale for the (slightly) more expensive sale price. I've even seen stickers added to what were mono covers when a stereo disc was inserted in the jacket.

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    After the stereo format was introduced, but before the mono format was eliminated, all stereo covers were identified. The one that stands out in my mind the most is RCA which had the Living Stereo logo at top of their album.

    Stereo was usually a dollar more and in local record shops the clerk had to ask
    "Mono or Stereo?"

    Seems clerks always had to ask something.

    "78 or 45?"

    "Mono or stereo"

    "8 Track or Cassette?"

    "LP or Cassette"

    "Cassette or CD?"

    "45 or 12"?"

    And then there was streaming and download and the clerk had nothing more to ask.


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