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    Clarence Burke Sr. (Father of the Five Stairsteps) Died At Age 90

    He was given a 2 page notice in the Sunday, Chicago Sun-Times.

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    Oh wow, the dad outlived the son!

    RIP Mr. Burke.

    I didn't know he was born in 1930... so that means he was only 18 when Jr. was born.

    EDIT: Oh wow, I knew of Clarence Jr. and Cubie dying but I had no idea he outlived two other sons.

    That pic of him at the end, he aged real well!
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    Clarence Burke Sr certainly lived a full productive life and his progeny made an incredible
    impact on American popular music and so I celebrate him. His passing is indeed sad but
    not tragic still a complete chronicle of the history of the family would still be welcome.RIP...

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    I saw the 5 Stairsteps LIVE 3 or 4 times in 60's and the last time in '70 or "71. They were GREAT every time. The first time they opened for the Impressions, 2nd time they were on a bill with new Star Tyrone Davis and others like Bettye Swann & the Unifics. The last time they were just the Stairsteps. Cubie was never with them. Daddy Burke was not there the last time I saw them. Their harmonies were fabulous and they had a good stage act with great choreography.

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    If the 5 Stairsteps had gotten with Atlantic instead of being with Curtis, they could've done songs like "Mony Mony" or whatever. I always thought that song fit them like a glove. Can you imagine Clarence Jr. singing the FUNK out of that song?! But either way, they still left behind a great legacy and I'm sure Clarence Sr. was proud of them.


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