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    Considering a switch to Consumer Cellular........any opinions?

    My current cell phone bill [[with Sprint) is probably higher than it should be, because I just don't use it that much anymore. So based on all the commercials you see, and on the high rating in the current issue of Consumer Reports, I am considering a switch to Consumer Cellular.

    Anyone have any opinions pro or con on that idea?

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    I wouldn't if I were you. I had it several years ago and if nothing has changed it, for me, was very difficult to use. They offer several plans to choose from where each plan has an allotted amount of data for the month. I would find that I needed extra data before my month was up which they would give me by upping my plan while still owing on the previous plan. It got to where I didn't know how much I owed them most of the time. Finally i had enough and split.

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    I have already committed to the switch and have the phones on order. Most other folks here in my local area that have it liked it so it seemed like a good choice. As for the amount of data, I don't expect to ever come close to the amount that I will be allowed. I checked on my current I-phone and I was wayyyyyyy below the limit I will be allowed. So thanks for checking in and we will see what happens.

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    As long as you're cool with the data, you should be fine.

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    Today is my first day with the new "toy." As always there is an adjustment period and a little frustration here and there but so far so good. I don't play all the video games, use a bunch of apps, etc. so unless there is a strange limit on calls, texts and voice mails, it should be fine. Thanks again for your thoughts.


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