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    Gangnam Style - PSY

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    Humpty Dance - Digital Underground

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    I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

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    Shoppin' For Clothes - The Coasters

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    King Tut -- Steve Martin [[1978)

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    What's The Use Of Getting Sober [[When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again) - Louis Jordan

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    Stranded in the Jungle -- The Cadets and also The Jay Hawks [[1956)

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    Open the Door Richard -- charted in 1947 by Jack McVea, Count Basie, Dusty Fletcher, The Three Flames and Louis Jordan.

    [[This song was patterned after a black vaudeville routine and fourteen
    different recordings were made, some with modified lyrics. I remember
    hearing the song on the radio, as a child, with its funny musical riff. It
    was a huge hit. In today┤s world, it would probably be offensive.)

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    Flat Foot Floogie -- "Slim" Gaillard and ĘSlamĘ Stewart [[1938)
    With a Floy Floy ..... .... also recorded by Louis Armstrong and The Mills Brothers

    Slim & Slam's first and biggest hit song.Their version was one of the top records of 1938, peaking at number two on US charts.

    [[Sadly, Ralph and I remember this big hit, Don┤t know where or when.)

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    Charlie Brown - The Coasters

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    Cement Mixer -- "Slim" Gaillard and ĘSlamĘ Stewart [[1938)

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    Potato Chips -- Slim Gauillard and His Baker┤s Dozen [[1952)

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    Crime After Crime -- Jen Houston[[2019)

    Trump Song Parody Blasts the President’s Many Misdeeds

    [[Lyrics appear at the bottom of video.)

    Sorry, not-so-funny!

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    The Thing -- Phil Harris [[1950) Novelty song. Other versions were recorded by Arthur Godfrey, The Ames Brothers, Danny Kaye, Ray Charles, Teresa Brewer, Adam West

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    Don't Cry for Me Quarantina [[Political Parody)



    Don't Cry For Me White House Staffers [[Political Parody)

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    Sweet Zoo -- Barbra Streisand [[1965)

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    Wear a Mask -- Various Disney Characters [[2020)


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    Ja-Da [[Ja Da, Ja Da, Jing, Jing, Jing!) -- Written in 1918. Reditions by Al Hirt, Louis Armstrong, Frank Siantra and Peggy Lee, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, etc.

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    The Rivingtons Papa Oom Mow Mow followed up by Mama Oom Mow Mow.

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    I'm A Hog For You, Baby - The Coasters

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    Barney Google With the Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes -- Ernest Hare and Billy Jones [[1923) recorded by such artists as Eddie Cantor and The Happiness Boys, The Andrews Sisters, and Spike Jones.
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