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    Nick Ashford

    Hi all...can anyone shed any light on a 45 issued in 1969 by Nick Ashford on abc records titled "Dead End Kids"..I thought Nick and Val were still under contract to Motown at this time so find it even more strange that the song is published by "Jobete"...any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    From Wikipedia:
    Ashford & Simpson's career as recording artists began in the early 1960s as part of the gospel group the Followers, with whom they recorded the album Gospel Meeting (on Forum Circle), later issued as Meetin' The Followers (on Roulette Records). The LP contains their vocals and also four Ashford compositions. In 1964, they recorded "I'll Find You", as "Valerie & Nick". That was followed by several obscure singles recorded by Ashford on the Glover, Verve and ABC labels, such as "It Ain't Like That" (later recorded by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas), "California Soul", and "Dead End Kids", backed by his own version of "Let's Go Get Stoned".

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    You know I just had to hear those tracks...

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    Maybe A&S initially only had a songwriter's contract with Jobete, enabling Nick to record for Verve and ABC? I know Valerie did some work with Quincy Jones before her solo debut lp as released.

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    Thanks guys..good work.


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