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    Covers The Dells Should Have Made

    Anyone else think the Dells should’ve covered this song? Marvin Junior could have given Bobby Lester a run for his money here. I personally wish they’d done a tribute album to the Moonglows instead of Dionne Warwick.

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    I'm really not a big fan of shoulda woulda coulda thinking but since you mention The Dells
    I'm pleasantly surprised when I learn of covers they did do which I had never heard before.
    Discovered in 2020 that they covered Parliament, blew my mind....

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    Hi Splanky!

    The track derives from their 1978 ABC album, "New Beginnings."
    George Clinton produced also "I Wanna Testify" for that album.

    This is what Michael McGill thought about it:
    "With the Dells you got to be careful. We can sing almost any type of music, so it's easy for the producer to produce us. But it has to be realized that we have to stick to what made us, and 'I Wanna Testify' was not gonna do the Dells any justice at all, nor 'All Your Goodies Are Gone.'"
    (Soul Express: The Dells Story, part 3)

    Best regards

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    I understand Splanky, but the first time I heard “When I’m With You”, I immediately thought of the Dells. Seeing that the Moonglows where on Chess, they had to have been a major influence on them. Hell, even Chuck Barksdale joined them after the Dells went on hiatus in 1959 (along with Marvin Gaye). It just seems odd that with all the connections, the Dells never covered any of their material.

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    Hi "jboy88",

    Chuck really joined the New Moonglows in 1959, but he had moonlighted with them for a short period already in the mid-50s, around the time he was singing with Otis Williams and the Charms.
    All of them were good friends with the Moonglows, and from them they learned how to master four-part harmony. All the members of the Dells list the Moonglows as one their idols.
    But you're right. During their career the Dells covered a few hits by well-known doowop groups, but not by the Moonglows.

    Best regards

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    Hi, "jboy 88", your question was so intriguing that I turned to Mickey McGill of the Dells, and please find his answer here:

    The Dells,
    Couldn't do the Moonglows songs any justice. In fact The Moonglows were The Dells
    mentors when we were 'stable mates' on Chess Records in the mid 50's.
    Leonard Chess (owner of Chess Records, told Harvey Fugua "take The Dells and make
    them a real group" which is exactly what they did. They came to Harvey, Illinois every night,
    and rehearsed us while we were still in high school. Marvin Junior's idol was Bobby Lester
    (The Moonglows) excellent lead singer, who taught Mickey McGill the art of Baritone harmonies. Pete Graves (Tenor) taught Verne Allison, and Prentis Barnes (Bass) taught
    Chuck Barksdale.

    The Moonglows harmonies were the 'Template' for The Dells great sound. but The Dells,
    and no other group could out sing The Moonglows, and we thought too much of them
    to touch their GREAT BODY OF WORK. You don't mess with a Masterpiece.

    Lastly: When Johnnie Carter joined The Dells in 1960 he incorporated The Flamingos,
    Ethereal Sound, to The Dells sound, and the rest is Musical History.

    Without the late great Harvey Fugua (Founder, of The Moonglows)There would be,
    No, Dells, Spinners, or Marvin Gaye.
    He taught us all.... Michael (mickey) McGill (Baritone) The Dells.
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