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    James Brown's "Sex Machine" at 50: Interview with Bootsy Collins

    ‘Sex Machine’ at 50: Bootsy Collins Recalls ‘Twilight Zone’ Origins of Funky James Brown Hit

    “It was like something from The Twilight Zone, because I mean, who does this kind of stuff?” bassist Bootsy Collins says, laughing. Just a few months earlier, Brown’s entire band had mutinied, so he brought in Collins and his brother, guitarist Phelps “Catfish” Collins, from the Cincinnati group the Pacemakers, to round out a band he dubbed the J.B.’s. “I mean, we just played a gig and it’s after the show. Everybody’s sweating profusely, we’re on there, acting a fool because we know he’s flying to the next gig, but he surprises us and jumps on the bus, so everybody has to straighten up.

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    Very interesting article and nice to learn that Bootsy is in the process of recording a new album. This was the first time when I was really aware of who James Brown was, and the first album of his I ever bought. I still love it, even though half of it is with a "fake" live audience. It's still such a strong, cohesive piece.

    The legendary "Live at the Apollo" seemed always a little too tame for me by the time I came around to James Brown. My real favorite is the "Revolution of the Mind: Live at the Apollo Vol. 3." An amazing performance!

    Still miss the Godfather and sorry that it seems there's no more in the vaults on him! But we did get a lot of great stuff thanks to Cliff White and others for a long time.

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    The whole inter-twining histories between JB, P funk and Sly and the Family Stone always
    reveals the most fascinating stories and Bootsy is a crazy glue professor. Love big bro....

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    That album with the fake live vibe is the best version of Sex Machine by far. I like that album very much. The version of It's A Man's World is also great (Baby when I call you, tell me will you answer").


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