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    Marvelettes Dearborn 2018

    I don't know if this has been posted before so forgive me if it has. Katherine and the then current Marvelettes on Fox 2 in Detroit.


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    A very nice clip. Thanks for sharing.

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    Destination Anywhere... what a great choice to sing. I thought we were going to get Postman rolled out again

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    Off topic...I was in Tod last Friday..socially distancing and having a pint.

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    Nice clip. I thought the lead did a good job, though no one could approximate Wanda's vulnerable and plaintive vocal on the original! Also nice that the interviewer acknowledged Katherine as he did and gave her the recognition she deserves.

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    At least she respectfully and accurately honors her original role in the Marvelettes. Bravo to her !!

    I have been saying for years that Mary Wilson should do the same. Do NOT sing someone’s else’s lead vocal.
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    Not bad at all..marvelettes forever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Off topic...I was in Tod last Friday..socially distancing and having a pint.
    Hi Larry we’ve moved nearer East Lancashire’s theatre of dreams now, to Burnley (and I’m not referring to Deadwood Park). We were in Tod Saturday for a curry. Where did you go for a drink?

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    Hi John
    I'm in a hiking/drinking group (www.owdcodgersontour.co.uk). Tod has been a favourite over the years..Polished Knob being one pub.
    We were in The Golden Lion 2 weeks ago, following walk on the canal from Littleborough, off at the Summit ( but pub closed)..over to Walshaw and pub near Gordon Riggs.
    I left early but I think the others went to Tod Weatherspoons.
    Is ginger Mourinio staying??
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    Some differences with the board still to be resolved. He’s been a great fit for our club I’d hate him to go but he’d probably want the next challenge, to be at a club with wealthy owners. If Smith were to go at Villa that would be a feasible move

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    Burnley have done remarkably well with resources.
    Sadly money counts


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