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    Happy 95th Birthday to Sue Thompson

    First of all I apologize because I realize that Sue and her country/pop twang are about as far removed from "soul" as it is possible to get, but I feared none of you would read this if I put it in the Clubhouse forum. Besides doesn't anyone who makes it to 95 deserve all the praise they can get?

    To the best of my knowledge, she still lives in the Las Vegas area. In addition to the clip I have attached, her biggest hits in the 60s were Norman, Paper Tiger, Sad Movies Make Me Cry, and James, Hold the Ladder Steady.

    Even if you have never heard of her, at least give a listen to the following cute little novelty tune. And if interested, there is a YouTube clip from her 90th birthday party that is only about 2 minutes long. It mainly features her daughter talking about her career but Sue does put in a couple of brief appearances and says a few words.

    Here is hoping she is still healthy and has a nice birthday!


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    My opinion, Country and Western, was great and respectable of the old Grand Ole Opry sense, as in as far as the genre began, up through the end of the sixties.

    After that, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, and then that's about it.

    But honestly, many forms of music of the fifties and sixties, I'm open to, and my opinion, nothing wrong with discussing fifties - sixties country, rock & roll, vocal, pop, bluegrass, ect.

    I do have her "Have A Good Time / If The Boy Only Knew", just as much of a cutely sweetly sung confection of a heart-stringing girl longing for boy pop of the era, which was good, and I do love good girl pop.

    So, Happy Birthday, Sue Thompson.

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    I love Sue Thompson’s voice and music. I was playing her music (Sad Movies, Paper Tiger, and Norman) last week. Others who heard it last week for the first time loved it.

    Happy birthday, Miss Thompson !!
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    Sue Thompson was as much a part of my boyhood as Motown, Girl Groups, Beach Boys and Beatles. My family loved her voice. I, too, play Sad Movies, Norman and Paper Tiger. I think her voice and singing was a big reason I was so ready for Diana Ross and Stop! In the Name of Love just a couple of years later.

    I'm happy to know she is still with us. Thank you for posting!

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    Oh my gosh! I remember Norman. Happy Birthday to Sue Thompson. Nice of you to post this.

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    I have never heard of Sue Thompson so thanks for posting this.

    For some reason the intro to the tune you attached reminds me of the original Sesame Street theme.

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    She did do a few pop/soul (depending of what is ones interpretation is) on the U.K. Hickory label ie; It's break-up time & Sweet hunk of misery.


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