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    Seeburg 60s Juke Box filler budget records -budget label with high-quality knock-offs

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    This instrumental was clearly done by competent professional Jazz musicians (probably from Chicago as Seeburg was located there and recorded 80% there, and 20% in Nashville). The sax, trumpet, and guitar all sound familiar.

    The trumpet sounds like Freddie Hubbard. I wonder if the guitar is Phil Upchurch? If not, they are good approximations by good quality players. The sax is really nice, too. I can't hear the specific mannerisms of any particular player in it just yet. But, I'll keep listening.
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    Here's a cover or quick remake of Lee Morgan's Blue Note gem, "Sidewinder":

    Pretty good mid '60s Funky Jazz for no-names on a "budget label", eh?
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    Here's another with some very good playing:

    The sax player and the horn player are very familiar.
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    Here's another with a nice sax solo:

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    This one isn't very jazzy, nor very good, to my taste. It sounds something like a Poppish, weak, Rock & Roll instrumental from the late '50s:

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    I love Afro-Latin Jazz versions of "Watermelon Man", like that of Mongo Santamaria, but I don't like this heavily organ driven version. The sax isn't emotional enough - player laying back too much, and the sax is also too far back in the mix:
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    Here's "Jerk A Cha Cha":

    The video provides the information that Boots Randolph's and David Carrol's Bands (both from Nashville) were used. Unfortunately, they didn't mention the names of the Chicago bands Seeburg used.
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