CELESTE released about 100 cds in Japan only. 4 of them were Motown releases (with the Motown logo appearing on the cd label for 3 of them, while there no mention of Motown on the fourth).

Fantastic mastering at that…
Cd labels is very shiny and beautiful but is quite hard to scan.

CMYK-6154 (2001) : THELMA HOUSTON - Sunshower (1969)
(album later reissued remastered with bonus tracks by soulmusic.com (2010) without any Motown logo)
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CMYK-6178 (2002) : HEARTS OF STONE - Stop the World-We wanna get on… (1970)
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CMYK-6177 (2002) : CUBA GOODING - The 1st Cuba Gooding Album (1978)
Oddly released the same day as HEARTS OF STONE cd even though catalogue number is smaller, but features the new design of the spine of the back insert on Celeste cds.
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CMYK-6215 (2004) : GARY GLENN - Feels Good to Feel Good (1987)
Previously available on cd as Motown MCDO6234MD in 1987 in Japan only (as far as the cd edition is concerned).
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