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    i might have missed it but i never noticed a Billboard cover ad for NWBLS. when i did all of the chart history research i typically saved screen shots of the ads - cover ads, reviews, full-page ads, etc.

    NW got 2 full page ads in the magazine which is one of the very few sup albums ever to get that. When you got into Lady Sings and some of the other huge Diana projects, you had larger, more complex ad campaigns. but typically if they did an ad for a single or lp, they ran it once. Right around the time when record was going to be entering the charts which was usually 4 weeks or so after release date.
    i swear I reall that and one for Mag 7 as well.......maybe I AM losing it, but, if you still have access, check it out. Do you also have all the year end chart information? I can’t find any of that anywhere. Like from 67 to 73?

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    now keep in mind that i could have missed it. i tried to find all of their ads throughout the years but was most focused on getting to the charts so i could track the rise and fall of the releases.

    sometimes i'd be quickly scrolling through the pdf and something would catch my eye. typically it would be a picture of a black female trio. sometimes it was the girls and sometimes some other group. i know i missed a lot of articles though. I tried looking during summer of 67 to see anything about Flo's dismissal. and i never found anything. but again, i might have missed

    so far i've only done the chart activity for the US pop charts for albums and singles. basically that's the one we all focus on so i didn't bother with RB or AC. i might go back and do the disco/dance charts. it was fascinating to see the info in 76. I don't recall seeing anything on HMM or Where Do I Go. there was no national disco chart at the time of their release. only regional. and those were spotty in their reporting on Billboard. I didn't find the data on HMM going to #1 but again, could have missed

    Walking is where the real interesting story begins. by that time there was a much broader regional listing - meaning many more cities were being listed. and i think it was summer 76 when the national chart started. Walking was EVERYWHERE and high in their charts. and it was charted for weeks on these regional disco before anything happened on the national pop chart. it didn't enter the pop top 100 until months after it's release. very unusual

    then for whatever reason the momentum was lost. of the MS&S songs, LYG seems to have had the best response on the regional charts. many to cities never listed Wheel at all. or maybe it showed up for a week or two at most. Come into my life occasionally popped up, as did Dont want to be tied down. some were listing Wheel and LYG. some were listing Wheel, let and LINKYCFSG. some just Let and Love i never knew. was all over the place

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    Quote Originally Posted by reese View Post
    That's what I meant to write.
    oh got it. Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Solomon View Post
    When the CD was released someone decided to call it "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for the catalog so it wouldn't be confused with Diana Ross 76.
    it’s fascinating to hear how these decisions get made. Thanks, George Solomon!

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    I think George is right. They only changed it (overseas only, I think) to ANMHE so it would distinguish from the one that had Love Hangover on it.


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