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    Motown fun quiz 1

    A bit of fun for Motown fans.

    Can you name a Motown track that name checks Fred Astaire?

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    Not Motown, of course, but Randy Crawford mentions him in "Last Night at Danceland"

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    Don't know that tune...
    But the Motown track??

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    I think someone else will get it first.

    And I don't want to divert your thread, but I really need to share this with you (Randy and Joe Sample were a perfect match)

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    Struggling on this Snake

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    Several singles in the 60s

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    Don’t know the song but how about
    A Billy Eckstine
    B Tony Martin

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    Shorty Long.

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    Artist correct.....well done.
    Do you have a track?
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulwally View Post
    Don’t know the song but how about
    A Billy Eckstine
    B Tony Martin
    I get your thinking Soulwally.

    But Shorty Long is the artist.
    Just need the track...

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    Don't Mess With My Weekend. The mention is subtle and almost went unnoticed by me.

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    Here it is...Shorty Long "Don't mess with my weekend"


    Scheduled for a 45 release. But withdrawn, and included on Shorty's first album.
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    Got beaten to it lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mowsville View Post
    Got beaten to it lol.
    Well done anyway...another quiz soon, best of luck with it.

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    Enjoyed the quiz, even though I didn't get the answer but here's the thing - I listed closely to a few of his tracks hoping to pick out that name and loved every one of them. What a talent Shorty was. Obviously I didn't listen to "Don't Mess With My Weekend" sadly - I thought it would have had to be "Function At The Junction" lol.

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    Thanks for that....you've hit on the exact reason for the quiz, to jog some memories, perhaps get people to discover or re-discover the great music.
    There are new Motown collectors taking up the habit of a lifetime and if a few dig deeper then it's worth it. No 2 coming up.

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    Didnít know this, I will have to listen again!

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    The unissued 45 version referenced above is different from the track used on the " Here comes the Judge" lp.
    Quite a change in lyrics.but thankfully Fred Astaire was kept in.

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