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    Scans of MOTOWN 5000 cd series - Part.2

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    four tops

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    I've never seen GREATEST HITS in the MOTD series - although it was released in Canada as MDM series.

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    As discussed in a separate thread, different tracklisting for each version of FOPUR TOPS NOW.

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    Some have said over the years that RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN made it into cd in the 5000 series. I don't buy it as I've never seen any copy nor do I know anyone who is reliable who says he/she has (seen) a copy.
    Maybe the confusion was with the BEST OF, which technically IS a 5000 series cd, and it contains half of the aforementioned album on cd for the first time.

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    One for which I've never seen any other version than the 374635xxx2 one :
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    I do think all FOUR TOPS 5000 series cds are here. If not, I'll gladly be proved otherwise.
    Next will be MARVIN GAYE.

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    Thanks for the scans which are excellent as usual and highlight surprising differences.

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    I hope the scans will help those who want to find either version of an album on cd.

    They should help to know from the picture of the front insert only if, for instance, there is a reference printed below the Motown logo on the front insert (like on only one of the 2 editions of NATURE PLANNED IT) or if STEREO appears at the top of the artwork (same for REACH OUT cd).

    Thanks Ralph and Lowell and everyone allowing me to post here by the way.

    But the best/worse is yet to come. I've imagined years ago that if the art was sometimes different, there was no reason there should't be différences in the music on each cd.
    And that's the case. I posted something about the Temptations MASTERPIECE cd a few days ago, but that's not an isolated cas where sometimes you need one specific edition of a cd. It can be about sound quality, mastering, alternates in some cases…

    This will be detailed track by track in the artist by artist threads (I've only made Severin Browne as a test as of now, but will do it for each Motown artist, and I promise the next one will be more… interesting.)

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    Like you I've not come across Four Tops "Greatest Hits" as an MOTD5209 version - but there was a vinyl issue M5-209V1 and cassette too MOTC 5209 Name:  MOTD5209 1 NG MOTC5209 Four Tops - Greatest Hits [net] 500.jpg
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    Yes, and there are a few A MOTOWN CASSETTE CLASSIC releases for which there are even more alternate artworks than the ones used for the cds. Not to mention alternate track listings (including in Stevie Wonder’s classic 70s albums!), or mistakes in the arts used (there’s a very odd confusion between 3 Supremes titles)
    Also some cassette releases in the late 80s in the A MOTOWN CASSETTE CLASSIC series never on cd (Marvelettes ANTHOLOGY comes to mind)
    I might start a thread on cassettes releases later I think ��

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    I always thought it strange how the BIG M Motown logo was used on the Keeper Of The Castle CD issue

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    I don't think it strange for a Motown issued CD to have a Motown logo on it. I thought it was a very nice touch that Motown released this album recorded elsewhere (and it also appeared on a Motown 2fer).

    Similarly, Motown also released Thelma Houston's "Sunshower" album on vinyl (don't think they released it on CD but I may be wrong).

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    Similarly, Motown also released Thelma Houston's "Sunshower" album on vinyl (don't think they released it on CD but I may be wrong).[/QUOTE]

    SUNSHOWER first made it to cd in 2001 in Japan on the Celeste label, along with a few other Motown related titles. It was distributed by Universal. Although neither the MOTOWN name nor it’s logo can be seen on the front or back insert, the Motown logo can be seen on the cd label. So it is a Motown cd release in a way.
    Scans of it don’t have a place here. So I may open a thread with the Celeste releases. Or a thread on SUNSHOWER. That’s a great album imho

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    I don't have much vinyl now but I was really pleased when "Sunshower" was released on the Tamla Motown label. I got it, of course, to go alongside my copies on the Stateside and Probe labels (that's sadly the nature of being a collector). The best CD release of it for me is the Soul Music records one with several bonus tracks. "Sunshower" is easily my favourite Thelma Houston album (but my favourite song by her is "No One's Gonna Be A Fool Forever").

    That Celeste label may be a new one on me - I'll have to look it up on Discogs.

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    [Only a few ones today, but to be continued shortly]

    First one is a funny one as the album name is THAT STUBBORN KINDA' FELLOW on the front art and THAT STUBBORN KINDA FELLA on the back of the original lp (and reproduced as page 4 of the booklet of the 374635xxx2 cd). This edition of the cd renames the album STUBBORN KINDA FELLOW MARVIN GAYE (both back insert and spine of the jewel case). Meanwhile the title song is in fact "Stubborn Kind of Fellow"... Yech!

    As with most Marvin Gaye cds, the European and Japanese cd arts and tracklistings (bonus tracks) differ greatly from the US 5000 series. Many things to add also concerning the many expanded versions of Marvin's albums, including some 60's ones available as downloads only.
    More on that on a specific thread,... later!

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    Duets albums are included within the main discography in chronological order of initial release. For Marvin and Mary Wells's TOGETHER album, an expanded 17 tracks version is available on iTunes. And that's the one to get.

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    ...and when Universal reissued the cd in the 2000's, they changed the color of the back insert [but for once did manage to keep the original font for the bar code]. Below are partial scans of both cd labels. The new "fake" one as I like to call it, has a visible Universal logo near the center, no timing for the tracks neither producers names below the tracklisting.

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    I've never seen a proper MOTD release for UNITED. If it exists, please advise. It should be similar to the A MOTOWN COMPACT CLASSIC [it'll be the same for 70's Marvin's cds]
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    Something is wrong with the tracklistings as tracks 2 & 3, and 10 & 11, are inverted. The cds are ok : "Keep On Loving Me Honey" follows "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and preceeds "You're All I Need To Get By". Same goes for tracks 10 & 11.

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    MARVIN GAYE AND HIS GIRLS was released as MOTD. I have a pic of that cd, which should be home to me in the very next days.
    Art is the same as 374635xxx2 save for the catalogue number below STEREO that is absent on the MOTD front art - the cut seen at the bottom is exactly the same on both arts though - and the reference MOTD appears above the AAD logo on the back insert.
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    There's a 2000's "fake" version of that cd [understand a genuine and official release, but not a real 5000 late 80's-early 90's cd] and it is undistinguisable from the old cd as far as art is concerned; of course, the cd label leaves no doubt.

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    Some of the CDs included unitled covers from other albums by the same artist.

    For example The Marvelettes "Sophisticated Soul" on MOTD-5430 includes the cover of the pink album without any text. Also The Supremes "Sing Holland Dozier Holland" on MOTD-5182 includes the untitled cover of "More Hits".

    It would be interesting to know whether other examples exist and whether it was only the MOTD version or both MOTD and 37463 versions included the same photos.

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    Mysterysinger, great remark. And the answer is simple.
    Every time an album was issued as a 2fer in the "2 ALL TIME GREAT ALBUMS CLASSICS" series, it's MOTD stand alone edition has :

    -Front insert : same picture as the little art (sometimes cropped) on the 2fer and the MOTD cd (albeit in full). I mean if there's a STEREO or label logo, both the 2fer and the album have the same.

    -Page 2/4 of the 2fer booklet is the same as page 2 of the MOTD cd if the MOTD cd is the first cd on th 2fer. And page 3 of the MOTD is the picture of the album art of the second cd of the 2fer, albeit without any types writtings.

    -Page 3/4 of the 2fer booklet is the same as page 1 of the MOTD cd if the MOTD cd is the second cd on th 2fer. And page 2 of the MOTD is the picture of the album art of the first cd of the 2fer, albeit without any types writtings.

    -Back inserts of both the 2fer and the MOTD cds are similar - same fonts - but with different colors. The European Tamla Motown cd has Always the same back insert as the MOTD cd.

    -The lettering on the spine of the 2fer is the same as for both MOTD cds.

    -All the albums issued as a 2fer in 1986 and 1987 were released as MOTD stand alone cds with similar designs except for the ones released as a stand alone cd within the A MOTOWN COMPACT CLASSIC, and RICK JAMES' "Throwin' Down" which was never issued as a stand alone cd in the 5000 series (nor MOTD, neither 374635xxx2)

    A few pictures to show you in the next post, and then you can try to match back cover arts for, for instance, FOUR TOPS REACH OUT / STILL WATERS RUN DEEP or know how the unreleased 2fer for the SUPREMES COPA / COOKE would have looked like as we have the MOTD back insert for COPA.

    There are even more funny things as some missing album names or writing on some US 2fer (DIANA's TOUCH ME / BABAY IT'S ME or STEVIE's FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE / UPTIGHT) and the stand alons cds in the A MOTOWN COMPACT CLASSIC or the european 2fer correct thengs, or mess them even more. More details on these later...
    Last edited by jbpintus; 07-04-2020 at 08:24 AM.

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    As for what the 374635xxx2 looks like compared to the MOTD, well there’s no general rule.
    Sometimes there’s a picture of the artist in place of the “other” album modified art. Sometimes a list of other CDs and cassettes available by the same artist. Sometimes the art from the “other” MOTD cd...

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    All makes sense thank you - more so because of your illustrations. .

    The Vandellas "Heat Wave" and "Dance Party" are a bit of an anomaly (not the only ones I assume) in that they had to remove the Gordy logos when it came to the MOTD issues as compared to the earlier 2Fer. Obviously we'll see those later.

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    Yeah.,. Later!
    And when I think we’re only talking about the artworks, and not the music, well, there’s so much things to say...

    I just wish those threads will be seen by universal. And that they’ll understand we need Edwin Starr, originals, Jermaine Jackson et al on cd.

    We’re not dead and Motown is such an imitant piece of History...
    Not only in Detroit but also in France also. And everywhere...

    Please come on and give us new motown recordings. :-)

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    I have a small question. Naturally, I have learned a lot from these illustrations and descriptions. There is one small question that I am curious about. I know on 45's and
    also albums where there were numerous pressing plants for vinyl.

    Did Motown use one or more than one pressing plants for CDs? I do know when HipOSelect released some of their products, once I got a pre-ordered CD from a company in Indianapolis, Ind.

    I'd really love to see some discussion on where these CDs were manufactured. That would be interesting. Thank you.

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    Article here about early CD manufacture. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&sour...V7WNGwfB8N1qrL

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbpintus View Post
    Yeah.,. Later!
    And when I think we’re only talking about the artworks, and not the music, well, there’s so much things to say...

    . :-)
    If it was only about the music you wouldn't need so many CDs.

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    Really enjoying these CD scans and looking forward to more Marvin Gaye next. What I assumed were straightforward re-issues (37463s) turn out to be anything but. Highlights how important the early USA 2fers were in the genesis of Motown CDs.


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