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    Promo - Motor Town Special from 1962 - MTS-1

    I was looking something up on www.soulfulkindamusic.net and I saw a listing under the Supremes as follows:

    Promo - Motor Town Special MTS- 1 - Individual Artists - 1962 ( Promo issue only from the first Motown Revue in 1962. It features the artists on tour talking over their latest record to promote the tour. Of interest are the Supremes talking over their minor hit 'Let Me Go The Right Way' on which Diana Ross introduces herself as Diane, her earlier name)

    I have never heard or seen anything about this promo.

    Can anyone add anything i. e. who all were the individual artists, etc. It would be great if someone could post a photo of this.


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    The promo can be found on the expanded edition cd of MEET THE SUPREMES.

    I'm assuming the other acts on the tour like Mary Wells, the Miracles, the Marvelettes, etc. also recorded one so that they could be played on the radio to let fans know they were coming to their town.

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    is this it reese, woodward ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogiedown View Post
    is this it reese, woodward ?

    Yes. That's the one I've heard.

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    i know the op specifically mentioned 1962 but here's one from Stevie Wonder 1963:


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