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    Mary Wells' Easy Touch LP (1982) available digitally

    Perhaps this was already discussed here some years back...but this one totally flew under the radar for me. Mary Wells' Easy Touch album from '82 is available on digital/streaming platforms, re-titled as "The Queen of Motown". More info on the release here.


    I don't think I've ever heard this full album until now. Even though it's all cover versions, it's really not bad, in my opinion. Decent. I've never understood the original album's cover art/photo. She deserved better.

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    EASY TOUCH was also released on cd a while back but it was under another title. I think it was the Madacy label or something like that.

    I bought the vinyl back in the 90s. It has its moments but its release seems pointless. An album full of remakes released on a budget subsidiary? It was probably just a way for CBS to finish out her contract.

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    If my memory serves me correctly, I believe she was paid a "per track" fee, which is alot more then she would have made from "royalties". Mary was doing real good on LIVE performances at that time.

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    I bought this on CD a number of years ago. It's called: Mary Wells...102 Studio Essentials
    on the Madacy label. I'd forgotten I had it. Don't remember anything about it. I'll have to give
    it a listen.

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    I downloaded this album a while back, itís nice, but agree that it does seem a bit pointless. I quite like Mary's 1983 album The Old, The New & The Best which is just covers of all her old songs!


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    The cover of the Old, The New& The Best was a terrible photo of Mary. She hated it, too. She was paid a per track fee for that one.

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    What was Mary’s second Epic album called?


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