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    Mel Winkler, Actor in 'Devil in a Blue Dress' and 'Doc Hollywood,' Dies at 78

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    Great character actor,r.i.p.

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    Oh, man! I remember him best from Their Eyes Were Watching God with Halle. May he rest peacefully.

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    I remember him from Devil In A Blue Dress, didn't know he had done soap operas in 69...
    Well, "died peacefully in his sleep", whatever the cause is of some comfort ...RIP, Mel..

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    Sad news. I enjoyed Devil In A Blue Dress, both the movie and the book (which I might have to read again soon). The character Mouse, who was played by Don Cheadle, is one of the most frightening characters in a non-scary movie and he killed Winkler's character Joppy. Easy Rollins found out that one of his friend had murdered the other and asked why. Mouse protested that he had to help Easy so he killed Joppy before he left. "You said 'don't shoot him'. So I strangled him," Mouse advised him. When that wasn't good enough, he said "If you didn't want him dead, why'd you leave him with me?"

    Loved that line. Loved those characters (including Joppy). Loved that movie and book. Prayers going out to his family and lvoed ones at such a sad moment.

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    I also remember him most from "Devil In A Blue Dress". Great actor and I am sorry to hear of his passing.


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