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    Scans of MOTOWN 5000 cd series

    As I said earlier, I'm posting them artist by artist, in roughly alphabetical order. I dedicate this thread to front cover and back inserts scans.

    There will be 4 scans for each album - with a few exceptions :
    1. Front cover of the MOTD-5xxx cd
    2. Back insert of the MOTD-5xxx cd
    1. Front cover of the 374635xxx2 cd
    2. Back insert of the 374635xxx2 cd

    There will be, later, a specific thread for the European / Japanese cds that have an alternate artwork.

    I hope you'll like it.

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    Funny mistake on the year indicated on one of the cds. Released in 1970 ;-)

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    MOVIN' ON is said to have been issued, at least the MOTD cd.
    I've never seen it, but know two people who have told me they had a copy (someone on this board and someone else on Steve Hoffman music forums).
    Full scans are welcome. And if you have this cd, but no scanner, well… I'll accept a gift :-)

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    Most of the "A Motown Compact Classic" 9000 series were released both as MCD09xxxMD and as MOTD-5xxx or/and 374635xxx2, with exactly the same artwork. I don't have the COMMODORES "Midnight Magic" cd as MOTD, but I suspect it was released and looks exactly like the 9000 series pictured below.

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    Name:  5000084.jpg
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    "Nightshift" wasn't released as MOTD to my knowledge. Probably because it was available as MCD06124MD. That seems logical as the European Tamla Motown / Motown / Gordy releases had the same back insert as the US MOTD series, and in the case of "Nightshift", the european back insert mirrors that of MCD06124MD.

    Name:  5000099.jpg
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    Name:  5000100.jpg
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    Beware of the 2000's re-releases of 374635xxx2 cds. The artwork is sometimes very close to the original old and collectable late 80's / early 90's cd. The label for the cd is not well centered on the Universal re-releases, which logo appears on the cd itself.
    The easiest way to determinate if the cd you're seeing is the real old one or a recent official knock-off. Just look at the barcode on the back insert. Above is the real one, below the 2000's re-release (Numbers are smaller and in a different font).

    Name:  5000102.jpg
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Just one cd was released by the Contours in the 5000 series, and unless I'm proved wrong, only the 374635xxx2 version was released.

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    bill cosby

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    the crusaders

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    The Contours album was released as a 5000-series.

    I have it. It is MOTD-5415.

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    Really enjoying these scans. Amazed that there are so many differences. We can all learn something.

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    Really enjoying these scans. Amazed that there are so many differences. We can all learn something. I'm struggling with the Darin and Dazz attachments though.

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    Glad some like the scans.

    I don’t know why Darin and Dazz Band scabs don’t I’ll try again.
    Maybe there wee too many uploads a day. Or within the same thread.
    Anyway I’ll try again and continue the series as soon as I have a few hours before me.
    It’ll be soon anyway.
    DeBARGE, FOUR TOPS are coming soon. And MPG too

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    The Contours "Do You Love Me" on MOTD5415 can be seen here


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    Bobby Darin

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    Name:  5000113.jpg
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    Name:  5000114.jpg
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    Dazz Band

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    Quote Originally Posted by wichmanne View Post
    The Contours album was released as a 5000-series.
    I have it. It is MOTD-5415.

    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    The Contours "Do You Love Me" on MOTD5415 can be seen here

    Many thanks for that. So I guess I'll have to look for that one
    [on a side note it was released in Europe with the same art as WD72731, and the real DO YOU LOVE ME lp from 1962 saw a cd release in 1995 in France as part of the Lucky Sounds series Motown 530 451-2)

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    Oddly enough, they're the two that I have, so at least I've one of each version. There's a couple of tracks been growing on me lately from the original album.

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    The Commodores "Machine Gun" was issued in the 5000 series but as a vinyl album only (5121) it seems.

    The only CD version of "Movin' On" I believe is the PTG issue which is the one I have and is readily available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    The Commodores "Machine Gun" was issued in the 5000 series but as a vinyl album only (5121) it seems.

    The only CD version of "Movin' On" I believe is the PTG issue which is the one I have and is readily available.
    How I wish a scan of the MOTD "Movin' On" would pop up on the internet.
    I do believe it exists. Well… it's odd that there's no evidence of it anywhere, not even a poor quality picture of the cd...

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    Name:  5000121.jpg
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    Name:  5000122.jpg
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    This is one I've never seen any 374635xxx2 edition.
    And when found on the web, and then bought, it's always the MOTD cd that is delivered… Anyone has it ?

    Name:  5000123.jpg
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    Name:  5000124.jpg
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    Name:  5000125.jpg
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    Name:  5000126.jpg
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    Name:  5000127.jpg
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    Name:  5000128.jpg
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    Name:  5000129.jpg
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    Name:  5000130.jpg
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    Slight difference in the front arts for "In A Special Way" - look at the catalogue number in the bottom right hand corner.

    Name:  5000131.jpg
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    I'm cheating a bit here as this is not a 5000 series, but a 6000 series.
    Nevertheless, I consider it to deserve its place on this thread - this is a classic album by a major Motown act that has a number of cds in the 5000 serie after all...

    Name:  5000132.jpg
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    ...and below an exemple of a club edition cd that has no barcode :

    Name:  5000133.jpg
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    Name:  5000134.jpg
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    Name:  5000135.jpg
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    Cheat time again…

    Name:  5000136.jpg
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    Name:  5000137.jpg
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    Duane Eddy

    2 albums released as MOTD only as far as I know (in the US, as they were released in Europe too).

    Name:  5000138.jpg
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    Name:  5000139.jpg
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    Name:  5000140.jpg
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    Name:  5000141.jpg
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    Dennis Edwards

    A 9000 series really. But I suspect the album was released as 37463xxx2 with a white contour around the front art. I've never seen it though. It's just speculation on my part.

    Name:  5000142.jpg
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    Name:  5000143.jpg
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    Fantastic Four

    Name:  5000144.jpg
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    Name:  5000145.jpg
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    Name:  5000146.jpg
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    Name:  5000147.jpg
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