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    Even less than a year ago when I was talking with Cal Street we agreed "Ball of Confusion" was as poignant of a song for current times as it was in 1970, and obviously that was before the recent events.

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    What's interesting, to me is that I lived through all of that and when all of those songs were originally released. So it goes........

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    This is one list of songs that I can really get behind during these troubled times.

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    ...here's another

    Power To Motown People! - Civil Rights Anthems and Political Soul 1968-1975



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    Love these lists.

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    Good songs,and if i may add-power[the temps]...you haven't done nothin[stevie]...message from a blackman[temps].

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    In addition to all of great songs that came out of Motown in the late '60s & '70s that addressed social issues, here's an article about the company's spoken word label, Black Forum.


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    And they left out quite a few:
    You Haven't Done Nothing
    Stoned Love
    Pastime Paradise
    What It Is
    Forget Me Not
    The Onion Song
    Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)
    Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology)
    Law of the Land
    One More Baby Child Born
    The Boy from Crosstown
    Runaway Child, Running Wild
    Love Child
    The Loving Country
    Child of Love
    Let There Be Love
    I'll Let My Light in My Window
    Stone Liberty
    Save the Children
    Hurry Tomorrow
    Take a Look Around
    Village Ghetto Land
    Genius I
    Genius II
    Now the Bitter, Now the Sweet

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    Good list Edgar!


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