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    The duke of soul-gene chandler!

    Hi gang,ya know sometimes an artist will just get in your head and all you hear is his music,well i'm hearing the man himself-clean gene chandler,from his days in the[dukays]-kissin in the kitchen-nightowl-festival of love-the girl's a devil-duke of earl..i'm hearing...just be true-nothing can stop me-fooled you this time-gonna be good times-a song called soul-what now-man's temptation-river of tears-you can't hurt me no more-the good ol days-groovy situation-not the marrying kind-give me a chance-does she have a friend-please sunrise-get down-your love looks good on me-haven't i heard that line before-i'll be there...see what i mean-just a shoutout to one of the best-clean gene chandler!

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    Yes, sirree! Now HE'D be an excellent Unsung profile.

    My parents' favorite:

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    And his comeback jam from my childhood:

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    Yes Indeed! Gene Chandler is one of the leading lights of the Soul Era. Among his many hits, my favorites are "Just Be True", "Nothing Can Stop Me" & "Groovy Situation". He also had his own label imprint, Mister Chand, during his stay on Mercury Records in the early '70s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sansradio View Post
    Yes, sirree! Now HE'D be an excellent Unsung profile.
    I Agree with that! Gene Chandler deserves to have an episode of Unsung.

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    It's funny, I heard so much Gene Chandler growing up, between the radio and my cousins
    record collections that I never acquired any of his music to listen to on my own. I have to
    fix that..Nothing Can Stop Me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motown Eddie View Post
    I Agree with that! Gene Chandler deserves to have an episode of Unsung.
    And the beauty of it is that he's still with us and could provide his own point of view. I wonder if TVOne has ever approached him...

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    I love Gene Chandler's music! I wore out socks doing the "James Brown" to this when I was a kid LOL


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