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    Blinky in Boisdale Magazine - Issue #19

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    Thanks for posting this article. It explains a lot if you haven't read the liner notes to her anthology- which is a MUSH HAVE, if you haven't picked it up. She has an amazing voice. I'm glad that she was able to get a just a wee bit of closure as well.

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    Hmm, ‘Gladys Knight’s first hit’.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulwally View Post
    Hmm, ‘Gladys Knight’s first hit’.....
    Yea, it looks like Mr Donovan missed a few tags...

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    I’m so glad to see Blinky finally receive her flowers. Her anthology set is amazing. Definitely worth the almost 20 year (for me) wait.

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    This was a great read. I remember seeing her pictures with Edwin Starr, but I was so young and had only heard “Headline News” by Edwin, but nothing by Blinky. I later found out that she’s sings the “Good Times” tv show theme song. I will definitely look into her work. I’m intrigued.

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    The CD collection was released 3 months after the death of Clay McMurray. I find that rather sad. Good article though.

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    With the death of Edna Wright, I came upon a picture of the Cogics with which I had not been familar: (Edna is top left; Blinky, top right)
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