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    Another Bonehead Move on Jeopardy

    A friend of mine fusses at me for how upset I get watching Jeopardy some nights but I just cannot help it when someone does something so stupid that you wonder how they ever got on the show in the first place. Well it happened again on tonight's episode.

    This woman had $18,800 going into Final Jeopardy and the second place person had exactly half that.......$9,400. So the ONLY logical thing for the two of them to do was for her to wager nothing and for the second place person to wager everything in order to create a potential tie.

    The other guy did his part, bet it all, and got the question right to finish at $18,800, but the goofy woman wagered $2,200, missed the question and therefore lost. All she had to was sit there and she was guaranteed no worse than a tie.

    So am I a fool for thinking she is a fool? Probably but it was all about common sense. For what it is worth, I don't think they would have brought them both back as co-champions like they used to do. Instead I think they now have a sudden death toss-up question.

    So you could argue that she was trying to avoid that and just put the game away but I still think it was a bonehead move. It is right up there with those Price is Right contestants who will listen to someone bid $900 on something and then chime in with their own bid of $899 and think they are doing something smart.

    I know what you are thinking................someone has too much time on his hands and you are right, since I have been working from home for two months now!!!

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    David...slowly back away from the television.

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    And call my therapist........right????

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    I'm right there with you, Dave. The logic is simple and most Jeopardy viewers and contestants know it. There's a strategy for first, second and third place players that make me shake my head when people blow it. For example:

    1st place = $18000 2nd place = $9000 3rd place = $5000

    Player #1 bets zero, player #2 bets everything and player #3 bets $4001. That way, player #2 can tie player #1 and player #3 can at least come in second if player #2 answers incorrectly.

    1st place = $18000 2nd = $12000 3rd = $10000

    Player #1 bets $6001, player #2 bets $8001, player #3 bets $8001. That way, player #1 can beat player #2 regardless of what player #2 bets. Player #2 can beat player #3 if they both answer correctly and player #1 answers incorrectly. And player #3 beats player #1 and #2 with a correct answer and an incorrect answers by the others. Bets should always be made knowing that players #2 and #3 can only win if the player(s) ahead of them miss the final question.

    Here's the tricky one (and my logic may not serve for everybody here):

    1st place = $18000 2nd place = $17000 3rd place = $15000

    In this case, player #1 has to bet $16001 and player #2 has to bet everything. If I was player #3, I'd bet $0. You always want to leave with the most money possible but #3 only wins with missed answers by the other two. You could play it safe and bet as much as $13000 (leaving you with $2000 with an incorrect answer while knowing that #1 would be left with $1999 with the most logical bet). Personally, I'd be fine with 15 grand.

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    Jer...slowly put down the remote. And let me see your hands...above your head...

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    ...it's just a game show.😄

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativeNY63 View Post
    ...it's just a game show.
    You see, that's where you're wrong. Jeopardy is the mental version of Mortal Kombat. Life and death. Right and wrong. Me vs them. That's not a game show.

    Answer: Jeopardy Is Everything.

    Question: What is "Immutable Truth", Alex?

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    Glad I have a soulmate out there. Thanks Jerry. There have been many wagers over the years that made no sense at all. The worst part is that they have time to think it all through while the staff makes the necessary set changes, so they can't claim "I didn't have time to think."

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    Yeah, it's something that they should have resolved years ago if they're typical of most fans. It kills me when the third place contestant has (for example) $5000, the other two have $11000 and $10000 and the third place contestant bets everything, only to lose when they all get the answers wrong. BET NOTHING!!! Let them fight each other and you just might get lucky on an otherwise bad day.

    BTW, my wife argues with me about why I rage or laugh at players who do this.

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    I'm just catching up on this great thread. Nina and I are avid Jeopardy fans. Interesting thread.

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    Wait till you hear about my next adventure. It has nothing to do with Jeopardy but still pertains to people who have no common sense. Don't have time right now but I will get to it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviddesper View Post
    Wait till you hear about my next adventure. It has nothing to do with Jeopardy but still pertains to people who have no common sense. Don't have time right now but I will get to it later.
    That narrows it down to approximately 7.8 billion people, Bruh.

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    You guys need some[elixir]...soon!!

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    Not because Art & Bee are chastising me, but I decided not to tell my other story. Just venting a little bit at home was enough to get it out of my system, especially considering that there are REAL problems in the world at the moment.

    Regarding Jeopardy though, since we apparently DO have some fans on here.........we do have to face the fact that there will be some changes on that show coming up, whether they be sooner or later. For one thing, I would assume that they will soon run out of episodes that were taped pre-virus. So will there be shows held without an audience? If so, that should actually work quite well. But the real question will be where the show is headed in terms of Alex's age and health. It is certainly too good and too respected a show to just fade away. Replacements???? Chris Harrison? Michael Strahan? Ellen? Sky is the limit it would seem.........

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    Good question. Recently, there have been a few episodes where Alex was clearly not feeling well. He's wearing a thicker layer of bronzer than normal and what I suppose is a wig. But he's still better than any other game show host, IMO. Hard to believe he's nearly 80 years old. Hopefully, he'll be the host for as long as he wants the job and that he'll also be around for years. I would submit the über confident Ken Jennings as a name to consider as the next host.


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