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    German Unofficial Motown Related CDs

    There have been a few discussions on this topic in the past, and there's currently a thread on the Vandellas Live albums which mentions these releases. Thought it might be useful to bring things together a bit. The guy who used to sell these on ebay is no longer registered there (not as dj-valentin-ny anyway). Also, trading of these CDs has been bannded on Discogs.

    Nonetheless, Discogs has information on some (but not all) of the unofficial CDs. I do know that he also made most of the Vandellas albums in expanded format including "Dance Party", "Watchout", "Ridin' High" plus the "Live" and "At The Copa" sets.

    Also made a few "Lost & Founds"by The 70s Supremes and Diana Ross. Then there was "TCB", Disney and "A Bit Of Liverpool" expandeds and also a Brenda Holloway "Every Little Bit Hurts" expanded (this list is far from exhaustive) ...

    DRATS & Temptations "On Broadway"

    Supremes "We Remember Sam Cooke" Expanded

    Supremes "Sing Ballads & Blues" Expanded

    DRATS "Funny Girl" Expanded

    Diana Ross "Live At The Royal Albert Hall"

    Diana Ross "Baby It's Me" expanded

    Mary Wilson "Mary Wilson" Expanded

    Diana Ross "Ross" Expanded

    Diana Ross "Sings Songs From The Wiz"

    Supremes "Sing Country Western & Pop" Expanded

    Martha Reeves & The Vandellas "Natural Resources" Expanded

    Martha Reeves & The Vandellas "Black Magic" Expanded

    What else do you know about / have?

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    Universal brought an end to the bootleggers business as is their right!

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    Some more...

    The Supremes (70s) - Remote Control Lost & Found

    The Supremes - "A Bit Of Liverpool" expanded

    DRATS "Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing Disney Classics"

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    Quote Originally Posted by copley View Post
    Universal brought an end to the bootleggers business as is their right!
    Absolutely - I'm with Universal on this - the artists deserve their dues as do the owners of the work. Personally, if Universal had produced these releases (or similar) I would have bought them all (instead of the odd one out of curiosity). I'm sure most of us would . I'm not advocating anyone creating bootleg releases but what's done is done and there does seem to be some interest here. It's all purely for information.

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    You can add: "Heatwave"
    "Sugar N` Spice"
    "Everybody Needs Love"
    "Love Child"
    "Some Things You Never Get Used To"
    "From Broadway To Hollywood"
    " Let The Sunshine In"
    "Supremes At The Hollywood Palace"
    "DRATS Japanese Quad Hits"
    "Floy Joy"
    "Promises Kept"

    I would love to be able to buy these legally and would do so should that happen.


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