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    Motown Catalog booklets

    I have in my possession a 60 page 5"x8" yellow cover booklet entitled Fall/Winter 1985 Motown Catalog.

    The Table of Contents includes albums and cassettes, Motown 25 albums, Anthologies & gift sets, compact discs, Christmas albums, Yesteryear singles, Answers to trivia questions, and all the Motown #1 hits of the 60's.

    I located this a while back on eBay.

    Just wondering, do any forum members have any other catalogs in their collection or was this just a once and done thing?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Never heard of anything like this but it sounds like it would have been a MUST READ.

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    I think someone recently posed photos of a circa 1971 catalog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reese View Post
    I think someone recently posed photos of a circa 1971 catalog.
    That's right. A few of us did in the thread regarding sharing our favorite Motown memorabilia.

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    Here's the January 1970 Tamla Motown UK Catalogue issued to retail. It belongs to a keen Motown collector who kept this over the years and triumphantly added a check mark whenever he obtained any of the albums listed (and I will continue to do so!)

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    Name:  Pages 4 and 5  small.jpg
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    Name:  Pages 6 and 7  small.jpg
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    Name:  Pages 8 and 9 small.jpg
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    Name:  Pages 10 and 11 small.jpg
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    Name:  Pages 12 and 13  small.jpg
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    Name:  Pages 14 and 15  small.jpg
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    Name:  Pages 16 and 17 small.jpg
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    Name:  Last Page 18  small.jpg
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    Tom: This is very interesting, I really appreciate your extra effort to include it in the thread. I intend to attempt to print it out, hopefully it will be readable.

    I was especially surprised to see at the very beginning that it includes [8-track stereo cartridges]. They were long gone by the time the 1985 book came out, however, in my entire lifetime I have never seen any single cartridge ever offered for sale. This is entirely new to me. Do you have any idea whether Where Did Our Love Go ever get released in the UK on an 8-track stereo cartridge? I'd really love to obtain one but I just don't know if it was ever produced and sold. It is ironic to think that WDOLG was released on an EP, an album, and a single with a picture sleeve. I have all three of these and I would love to obtain a stereo cartridge if it was ever produced. I do not know of any discographies that are available that lists EVERY 8-track stereo cartridge that was ever issued.


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