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    Happy 70th Birthday to Stevie Wonder.

    Happy 70th Birthday (and Many More) to Stevie Wonder!!

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    Funny I remember discovering him when I was a little kid and he was just a few years older
    now I'm an old man and he is a giant...Happy Birthday, indeed....

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    Yep Happy Birthday and the very best to Stevie.
    PS any chance of an album soon to perk us all up in these strange times.

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    Happy Birthday, MR. Stevie! LOL!!!!

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    Happy Birthday, Stevie! It is amazing when you consider the scope and breadth of his musical legacy and influence that he is ONLY 70 years old.

    "Music of My Mind" was created by a man that was just 21 years old?! And then he was so prolific and his music just became more sophisticated and profound from that point. If there is such a thing as a "musical genius", it is Stevie Wonder.

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    Happy birthday to you, Mr. Morris! Thank you for gracing the planet with your light!

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    Happy 70th..... To think he was once the baby of the company!!.

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    The most singular genius in popular music.

    Interesting hearing Stevie speaking to Questlove earlier today in the middle of his Stevie tribute streamed DJ set - he mentioned how it was interesting hearing the demos that Questlove has been playing. I wonder if Stevie is perhaps more comfortable with such outtakes being heard now and whether this bodes well for some of them getting released, ideally within deluxe editions of his albums.

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    "Little" Stevie Wonder is 70 now. *MIND BLOWN*

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    Stevie's stuff get covered quite a bit but I don't think this is nearly complete....

    After all it doesn't include more recent stuff like this:

    Stevie's probably has no peer in America as far covers go....

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    Happy Birthday Stevie!!!


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