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    Another Celebrity Obituary.......Jerry Stiller

    Just heard that comedian Jerry Stiller of the husband/wife comedy team Stiller and Meara has passed away. I don't have a link to share but I believe my source said he was in his early 90s. His wife Anne Meara passed away a number of years ago. They were on a lot of comedy and variety shows back in the day and he had a role in the hilarious movie "The Ritz" with Rita Moreno, who is having a comeback of sorts these days at age 88 I believe it is.

    But sadly sooooooooo many of our old favorites are leaving us. Just think, half a dozen or more in the past two weeks in the entertainment field.

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    Jerry Stiller was hilarious. He and his wife were an amazing team and in my opinion, they rank up there with Mel Brooks, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Bob & Ray and the all-time greats of radio and golden age TV comedy. They understood timing and how to use it in comedy to its greatest effect. If you watch episodes of Seinfeld and King Of Queens, you can see him working on his cast mates in every scene. You can just tell that the directors had to leave a lot of takes on the cutting room floor because I guarantee there were outtakes of them cracking up every time he was on set. Ben Stiller is also an underrated gem and my heart breaks for him and his family in this tragic time. God bless you, Jerry & Ann. Rest in hilarity and thanks for the memories.

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    Thanks for the additional information. I had forgotten about him being on King of Queens and also that he had a son who was pretty good in his own right.

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    Jerry was blessed enough to live a very full life, make it to 92, see his progeny succeed and
    thrive. He was also a big jazz fan and supporter of the same public radio of which I am
    a member and they remember him well as he would visit and chat too. RIP..,


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