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    Help with a book

    Couldanyone help with tracking down a copy of Derek Dewalt’s biography of his father:The Jr Walker Story? I would dearly love to read it.

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    Just about impossible to find, since released in 2011, several times I have contacted the publisher asking would they not consider a small reprint at least? if I ever get a response I will post it.

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    Very many thanks for taking the trouble to reply jaybs. Much appreciated. Stay safe

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    Good luck. I have been trying since I first learned of it's publication. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I am at a loss to understand why it is so difficult to locate. There must have been a printing of 25 copies. Do any MF members actually have the book?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodward View Post
    Do any MF members actually have the book?
    ...I have it ...it's one of my 3 fave Motown reads...!

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    Didn’t even know the book existed!! What’s it like grape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapevine View Post
    ...I have it ...it's one of my 3 fave Motown reads...!

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    Holy smokes and gee-wiz.....
    It's mot easy being green, grape! I don't understand why it's not in print now....was it an
    only purchase on demand type thing? Who is the publisher?....I've been hoping somebody would write about Jr for over 25 years...

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    It was published in 2011 ...it's 200 pages long ...no glossy photos ...a few 'dark' photos sparsely feature ...maybe 5 or 6 ...here are some reviews on Amazon ...click on the back cover image for further reviews...!



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    Thanks, Grape! Well I see it's not on the par of Marc Taylor writing the story of The Marvelettes but I'd still love to read it and hope maybe someone will Jr a second look...

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    I got the book when it was released, probably through Amazon. Not sure I ever saw it in a book or music retail store. As I recall there was very little on his Motown years. However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of his early life before Motown.

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    Spoke to both the publisher, they do not own the rights, the co-writer, with Derek, he gave me the last email he had for him. As someone has said these days it is so easy to get small prints, left a message with another contact for Derek, lets see if he responds?


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