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    Joan Rivers Show - "MOTOWN" with Mary Wilson, Marv Johnson, Gladys Horton, Bobby Tayl

    This is a great show. Mary talks about discovering Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers, etc

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    This show also featured Raynoma Gordy Singleton and Bobby Taylor.

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    Well worth seeing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Well worth seeing.
    Thank you for bumping this Mystersinger. This must have been one of Marv2's last posts.

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    So grateful for this upload, the first time to see footage of "Raynoma Gordy Singleton" as a living person, to then be able to listen to her voice in conversation is so rare to see and hear from her. Other than the intro to the Little Iva & "Miss Motown" 45's there is little other recordings of her talking voice.
    Magical and a blessing, as without her Motown would not be what it was and is today.
    God bless her & thank you.

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    Well if you liked that you're bound to love this too - Women of Motown - they all look stunning and Miss Ray is, shall we say, very candid.

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    OMG! Stunning picture quality.
    For years & years we have looked & wished for any live footage or voice recordings of "Miss Ray" . In comparison the amount of footage for B.G. & the key Motown artists we are well blessed, so its finally great to see Raynoma and be able to share this.

    Thank you for uploading.

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    If you want to know about the expenses deducted from royalties that Bobby mentioned then you need to read these 2 books: "Fame Without Fortune Motown Records" by Al Cleveland and "Custodians of The Hummingbird" by Al Kent. Both are very harrowing stories.


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