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    The Dinah Shore Special: Like Hep! 1969 (Full Show)

    how many of you were waiting see this

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackguy69 View Post
    how many of you were waiting see this

    Thanks for sharing. Yet more proof that Diana was Motownís brightest star and could stand on her own two feet without her backups.

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    I skipped to the scenes with DR and she looked and sounded amazing. I can see why the album that came out the next month was called Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In. DR really shined in her solo spotlight and danced her ass off. I wonder how many weeks of rehearsal that all took to put together?

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    A dear friend shared this with me a while back. But I was surprised to see how often Diana appeared. For years, I had thought that she only sang CAN'T YOU HEAR ME CALLING TO YOU/AQUARIUS/LET THE SUNSHINE IN because that clip was often on the bootleg market. So seeing the rest of her performances was a treat.

    Re rehearsal, I'd be surprised if they had more than a week, if that. I'm just assuming that they didn't have that much time to perfect things due to other commitments. As such, Dinah Shore's endorsement of Diana on the back of the LET THE SUNSHINE IN album seems well-deserved.

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    Diana had that white jumpsuit (?) recreated for the Return to Love tour.

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    Yes she did. Would love to see this on DVD. Considering how many Lucy nuts there are out there, Iím surprised we havenít!

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    It's great to see this curio after so many years! I'm inclined to think it was this show that began the public's view of Diana as a solo star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackguy69 View Post
    how many of you were waiting see this

    Never seen the complete shjow until today. Thank you. It was a real treat.


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