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    Alan Hardy, long standing SD member, sad news.

    It is with deep sadness I must report some news to you that Alan passed away on the 20th March 2020.

    I met Alan through good friends of mine from my 'hospital radio' and broadcast television days at Sky TV, London in the 1990's. This was a total shock to us here in the UK. He was such a knowledgable individual and good fun to be around. We only met up occasionally, but it was the same gang talking about pirate radio in the UK, radio & radio jingles, television, soul, Motown and northern soul. It was a time warp away from politics and change which we always enjoyed. Here is a lovely three page tribute to him on the 'Radio London' website by his good friend Mary Payne. The 'next page' link is right at the bottom:


    It will never be the same without you Alan, rest in peace.

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    I didn't know Alan but still sad to hear that a SDF member passed away. At least he had someone here to post of his passing. Lord knows some of us who don't have someone to report such news will just be gone without notice.

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    This is sad news for me. I am not familiar with Alan Hardy. Did he use that name on here?

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    I'm sorry to learn this. My condolences to his family.

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    So sorry to hear about Alan Hardy & my condolences go out to his Family & Friends at this sad time. RIP Alan.

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    His handle was 'alanh', but sometimes signed off Alan on a post.

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    And with this Corona Virus, only close family can go to the funeral. I believe there will be a get together once this pandemic is over, but I can't imagine when. Sad loss, such a lovely individual. So humble. His knowledge was extraordinary. A real fan of the music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 55Motown View Post
    His handle was 'alanh', but sometimes signed off Alan on a post.
    Yes. now I remember. Thank you 55Motown.

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    Yes, I seem to remember reading posts from alanh. So sorry to hear of his passing. Rest in peace.

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    Again more sad news.


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